Titled The War Z, it will take place in 200 to 400 square kilometer maps, will feature merged PvE and PvP gameplay, safe cities with stores, normal and hardcore modes, and first or third-person perspectives. After a deadly virus has turned humankind into flesh-eating zombies, slackers Morgan, Ash, and Johnny spend their days lounging in their skivvies, drifting from one vacant house to another. Someone has been dumping toxic waste in the local cemetery, and the townsfolk are about to discover it was a Grave Mistake! An assassin's daughter and a down-and-out priest are trapped in a house surrounded by the undead. As the survivor of a deadly plague that swept the planet and left millions dead, Renchard lives in isolation, constantly on watch for the infected zombies that hunt him. It's similarities with Day Z are obvious, but I think there's enough differences to be found in War Z that will make it an interesting experience all the same. When a mutant breed of flesh-eating zombies rises from the graveyard and descends on the nearby village, a small group of survivors must battle their way through the undead to safety. When another survivor–immune and the key to creating an antidote–contacts Renchard for help evacuating from a dangerous zone in the city center, the future of the human race rests on a single mission! Start-up indie studio Hammerpoint Interactive has officially announced their take on the zombie survival MMO will move into Beta very soon with a full release this fall. The "safe cities" and the social elements that include the ability to collect bounties, rewards, help requests, and traps has me extremely interested. Their only hope for survival lies in facing their darkest secrets, and in a world ruled by betrayal, the real danger may not be outside.

Plus, since the environments are built for a zombie apocalypse, they look damn good (as you can see in our gallery below). The Desktop is a good place if you're going to delete itafter you upload the final product.If you prefer to be more organized, make a folder in your 'My Documents'folder, name it 'Zombiez' or whatever you want.
Gimp has a really steep learningcurve but it's as close to Photoshop as you can get for free. Google is your friend when it comes to finding a program you like and learning how touse it.Most image editors work the same, you just have to find the commandsthat do what you want to do. If the program supports layers you willbe able to open a window that shows how the layers are stacked.Generally I would place the image above as the background, or lowermost layer. From there you make sure that layer is selected and resize the image, then move it into place. Repeat those steps for each image, and the text that you want to place on the image above.Don't forget to save the image you are working on periodically, in caseof a crash or something. Thenative format for the program you're working in is usually selected the first time you save the file. If you decide you want to tweak your image later you come back to this source file, make your changes, then export that as a new file.When you are done editing your image, and are ready to upload it, youneed to save the file as something that people's browsers can show. Depending on the program you will use the'Save As' or export command, look in the 'File' menu. This will flatten the image to one layer and allow you to compress it so it's not such a big upload.Usually if I'm making multiple versions of the same image, just a smalltweak here and there, I tack on a version number to the filename.

I prefer to upload them to an image hosting site and embed them here.A couple sites I know of that don't limit how much you can upload and aren't stingy on bandwidth are Flickr, ImageShack, and TinyPic.
They also give you the embed code for posting images on sites like this.Flickr gives you the option to link to different sizes of your images withouthaving to manually resize them yourself.
Don't use this service if you think you may need access to youruploaded picture at a later date. If you create an account and upload thepicture from there you'll have access to it though.Most of these services work about the same. Sign into your account, click on upload,browse to the location the images are stored on your computer, then selectthe ones you want to upload. Sometimes you have to keep clicking on the image or some links to get to the full size image. When you get the size image you want, if you do, try right-clicking on it and see if they let you copy the image location.
The embed code you want for this site starts with [img].Highlight and copy the direct link or embed code and come back here and start your message.

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