It is up to you and your friendly librarian to survive and build your way up to being an all-powerful god.
Warning: this map has been made on a modified version of a technic launcher pack called lilskypack. All creations copyright of the creators.Minecraft is copyright Mojang AB and is not affiliated with this site. It has been a couple years and I didnt reach out for help because I atfirst thought it was temporary but I know now that is permanent, I forgot about the server until I opened the mod pack today and tried to join. Others simply accept the devastation as the just and rightful punishment of a God grown tired of humanity's hubris.

It's a barren, windswept, poisonous landscape; the city streets are choked with sand, the ruined buildings loom dark and forbidding, with no trace of life. The land is ravaged by merciless electrical storms and radioactive rainfall, which render the highest levels of technology useless, destroying the complicated circuits and wiring almost as soon as they're crafted. No creatures can be found wandering the radioactive wastes, with the exception of the ghoulish, mutated beings known locally as the Mining Dead. These unfortunate individuals stubbornly defy the undead, Nature, and possibly even God himself for reasons known only to themselves. Some are fools, and traveled to this desert for treasure and riches, Rumors tell of some cursed folk who are unable to return, having spent too much time in the wastes for the ORC to permit their return, for fear of contamination.

They imagine a world where children can once again play under the shade of a green tree, and run barefoot through green grass. They dream of a world where the screams of the dying and the moaning of the mining dead are replaced with the singing of a bird and the sound of fresh, flowing water.

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