Love zombies, but can't quite find enough satisfaction in those simple quizzes with the same rehashed questions that are never a challenge? So, im sure most of you will have seen or palyed the Zombie Survival Quiz (Here), and if not..
I got a z+, which is apprently good, as Dr Bizmoe says:Your knowledge, strength and will to survive are unstoppable.

I got C's on Mental and Physical strength, and F's on Experience and Emotional Ratings, but I still got a Z+ on Survival rank.
That was a good quiz as each section was pretty accurate in each individual section, but I found it too easy to get Z+ as from what I've heard nearly everyone has. How many of you actually have enough preserved food for a week, own and can operate and maintain a firearm, have a home that can be fortified at a moments notice and own the tools needed to fortify it, and are in a good enough shape to combat the living dead?

Book of revelation 20 1 6
Disaster preparedness and business continuity kpmg
National geographic geography book online

Rubric: Blacked Out Trailer


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