Treyarch has recently released new gameplay footage for COD: Black Ops 2 Zombies that features the new map titled TranZit which, is an expansive world that takes place after the destruction of earth.
TranZit will offer players to explore five locations within the world that also promises to elevate in difficulty as you cross them. If you still haven’t seen any gameplay footage for Black Ops 2 Zombies, check this one out now as we plan to bring you more updates on Zombies until the official release of the FPS on November 13, 2012.
Tag: black ops 2 The riot shield is the second craftable item from the zombies Green Run map.

Included as a destination point in TranZit is a bus stop, diner, farm, an industrial type of area, and a town. Black Ops 2 BuildablesSay hello to the new buildable in Black Ops 2 Origins - The Maxis Drone!
The shield is both an aggressive and tactical weapon which can be used to charge zombies or form a defensive barrier.
How to build the riot shield?You'll have to find each of the 3 items and the blue print room first.

Remember you can only hold 1 item at a time, so pick up each and head over the blue print and use the item (blue X button on Xbox controller).The 3rd item needed to create the riot shield is in another building which is locked, you'll need 750 points to get in there. Kill some more zombies to rack up some points and head over to the other building which is a restaurant (diner).

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