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The acrylic adhesive used in this general purpose packaging tape reduces noise during application making this tape ideal for use in confined or busy environments. Scotch 3M low noise polypropylene packaging tape will continue to adhere over a broad temperature range, specifically in cold and damp environments and can be used for light to medium weight box sealing applications.
This 28 micron durable and flexible tape provides split and edge tear resistance coupled with excellent adhesion and can be stored in a temperature range of 4-26 degrees centigrade. 3Ma„? 3D Virtual Imaging allows images to be displayed on flat surfaces, including decorative badging, lighting effects, functional buttons and IP clusters. Thinsulatea„? A Surface Technology from 3Ma„? provides both unique aesthetic and acoustic properties in a single, moldable material useful for the vehicle's visible interior surface. 3Ma„? Acrylic Foam and Acrylic Plus Tapes utilize advanced technologies that adhere to a wide variety of paint systems, including low surface energy and improved scratch- and mar-resistant paints. Adjustable Armrests offer increased comfort by allowing occupants to move the armrest on the door panel relative to their optimum seating position.
Air Induction System with Variable Noise Control offers OEs the capability to achieve order-based sound quality targets and significant overall NVH reduction. Augmented Reality Displays offer the benefit of full widescreen projection which enables real world (1:1) overlays for navigation route finding and night vision. 3Ma„? Capacitive Parking Aid is located behind the bumper surface and makes an audible sound when an object approaches the bumper. Integrated vehicle electronics supporting radio (HD, DAB, SAT), multimedia, navigation, connectivity (wired and wireless), and climate control command and feedback. Cluster Ion Generator helps improve cabin air quality by reduction of microorganisms and odorant compounds. Dual-Access Console Lid offers convenient access and easy viewing of the console bin contents through use of a center pivot feature. Evolutive Graining improves design freedom and differentiation by changing the visual aspect of the surface.
Family Entertainment Systems provide a variety of entertainment options (including: music, videos, and gaming) for rear seat passengers, This system makes riding and driving pleasurable, keeping young passengers occupied, while allowing drivers to keep their eyes on the road and hands on the wheel. The Flat HVAC concept is an ultra-thin unit design that enables packaging in new locations thus allowing OEs the ability to increase cabin space or offer improved storage. 3Ma„? Flat Light Solution is a thin, LED-based light construction that internally illuminates license plates and other flat interior and exterior lighting solutions.
3M High Air Flow Filters offer low initial airflow resistance, while their unique microstructure and electrostatic charge provide effective particle capture and retention. Visteon's expertise with in-vehicle Human Machine Interface (HMI) application and design improves customer appeal by optimizing the user interface and reducing complexity.

Integrated Center Panel with Proximity Sensing and Haptics uses electronics controlled by dead front field effect switches that turn on when the users hand nears the ICP.
InSkina„? offers the ability to achieve Zero Gap for decorative components on the surface of the IP and Door Trim panels without affecting tooling. 3Ma„? Interior Trim Films give the look and feel of real wood and metal to automotive trim components. Visteon's Latch System is a low cost luxury feature that improves ergonomics, safety and security. 3Ma„? Light-by-Wire modules are created by mounting high-brightness LEDs and supporting electronic components to flat flexible cable with overmolded protection, delivering a fully integrated device.
Filtretea„? Micro Allergen Filter (High Efficiency Cabin Air) is a high performance combi-filter with high particle capture efficiency for pollen and sub-micron particles, along with high gas (odor) efficiency. Motion Sensing Lighting offers consumer satisfaction with smart lighting for map pockets to assist finding items safely at night. Visteon's Multi-Material Stitched Skin process allows for low-cost series differentiation while enabling high craftsmanship and efficient placement of premium materials.
Vikuitia„? Light Mgmt Films manage LCD backlight output, increasing efficiency and thermal control with no added light sources.
3Ma„? Paint Protection Film protects vulnerable automotive paint surfaces from stone impacts and chipping. 3Ma„? Precision Lighting Elements (PLEs) are solid, rod-shaped flexible light guides that deliver light to targeted areas.
Self-Sealing Synthetic Engine Air Intake Filters are designed to reduce the environmental impact of the air filter by creating a single material filter element that is 100% recyclable. 3Ma„? Solar Management Films have an advanced multilayer construction that delivers excellent UV blockage and SPF to provide increased cabin comfort and passenger safety. Straight Airflow Path (SAP) HVAC provides four zones of personalized temperature and airflow for each passenger.
3Ma„? Scotch-Weld Structural Adhesives are a product family that bond a broad range of materials, including metal, plastic and glass.
Translucent Skin allows the IP skin surface the ability to display information or improve the interior ambience thus delivering flexibility with visual appeal while improving HMI. 3Ma„? Transmissive Film allows designers to hide displays and lighting effects without compromising visual clarity when illuminated.
3Ma„? Vibration Control Systems reduce the resonant frequency of metal composite panels, thus reducing vibration and structure-born noise. 3M Wheel Weight System is a lead-free, corrosion-free, conformable wheel balancing system designed to replace lead weights, improve system costs and reduce cost of ownership.

Wireless Charging eliminates the need to have dedicated power cords for each portable device. Zero Restriction Hydrocarbon Traps contribute to cleaner air in the environment by reducing the vehicle's emission of smog-forming pollutants from the engine. The tape can be applied to a variety of materials, including all paper and board surfaces including recycled fibreboard. If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly.
Soft, hypoallergenic foam and a tapered design provide a noise-reducing seal in the ear canal. Over the past decade we have become a regional leader in supplying state-of-the-art welding machinery, welding consumables and welding safety gear to the New Zealand and Pacific Islands engineering industry. Improves filter particl capture and retention through electrostatic charging and enhances well-being through fresh air caused by ions.
This design increases storage by enabling the underside of the console lid to contain the interface port for electronic devices (iPod, USB sticks and MP3 players). Vikuitia„? Reflection Mgmt Films manage LCD light distribution, preventing reflections in windshields. The precise optical surfaces project into the core and redirect light rays in a predetermined pattern. This unique construction is also 100% metal free, delivering zero interference with mobile devices and reduced reflectivity. 3M 1100 and 1110 earplugs are easy to roll down, and once fitted in the ear, soften with body temperature for comfortable extended wear. We also have a full time welder repair service center for all your welding machine repair needs. Product name Hearing Protection Noise Reducer Silicone Ear Plugs Sound Insulation Ear Protector. 3M recommends reducing the NRR by 50% for estimating the amount of noise reduction provided. Also we can offer professional die cutting the tape according to customer’s drawing or request.

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