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Today we have a first for RingSpotters – an illusion setting engagement ring, which are groups of smaller diamonds clustered together to create the illusion of a larger stone.
Ring Details: 3 carat illusion setting with 4 princess cut diamonds in the center surrounded by marquise cut diamonds, set in white gold. We love it when we hear from the boys and today we feature a beautiful princess cut engagement ring that our newly engaged groom helped design.

You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. It appears to be two princess cut diamonds set in square halos of pave diamonds, but giving the unique illusion of floating in the middle of the setting.
We love the way she paired her engagement ring with a matching Princess Cut wedding band to create an elegant and eye-catching set.

We love the delicate wave-like split shank band which gives such a wonderful contrast to the square shaped stone.

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