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Also any diagram for the wire harness coming out of the dvd changer to the video overhead ?
I thought the Pacificas were on a CANBUS system, thus why their radios weren't compatible with ours??
Pacifica headunits work just fine in our cars, they just need a new faceplate to mount correctly, as well as the wiring harness. Adu: I'm really not sure how to help you on this one because I don't know what needs to be wired where.

If I hook those and audio wires can I tie them to a video rca cable and then use an aftermarket overhead with video in??? 4x8 16 Gauge Copper Sheets 2016 - sharonsickleshandbilllawyersprobono2015 is a Public Group with 4 members.
This one from Bosch contains a 25-inch rip capacity that lets you cut 4x8 sheets of plywood lengthwise Stapler Compressor Combo Kit is worth every dollar.
I know the $35 is a crappy fee to pay, but I always just buy an adapter in order to be able to run the 2002+ headunits in my 2001 LHs.

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