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I so much appreciate the excellent service, beautiful quality items AND the fast shipping when I order from Silver Enchantments! I have been quite impressed with all of your products, customers service, prices and prompt delivery. I am simply amazed that an order placed Friday morning arrived in my mailbox Monday morning! No part of content, designs, images, product trade name(s), trade product design(s) and product(s) can be used without prior express written permission.

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All Rights Reserved.The intellectual property of our designs remains our own, purchase of an item does not confer consent for any type of reproduction - all of our designs are registered with a third party.
Silver Enchantments' shipping speed, quality and accuracy (not to mention how protectively wrapped and packed my purchases) have been over the past 5 years makes me beyond satisfied & is why I continue returning to them.
Just wanted to say thank you and I will be passing the word to fellow beaders about your site.

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