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I was really hoping to find some nice diamond studs for less than $200, but there's little chance of finding that anywhere without sacrificing clarity and color. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Diamondwave is more than just your typical jewelry site; we have been doing business in this industry for over 70 years.
The pair comes complete with comfortable and secure friction backing.Looking for a different gemstone or size? I arranged the stud search by price, lowest to highest, and zeroed in on this pair of studs.

The dress is a bit edgy, and I wanted a pair of subtle but contemporary studs to go with it for my company christmass party.
Shockingly, I think this is the most use I've seen her get out of any of the gifts I've ever bought her!
The order was completed & shipped quickly and the price was great(I did a lot of research, for this level of quality, the price was excellent). Fedex messed up shipment (never knocked) and I got a personal email from Pamela (the owner) letting me know of the shipment problem. Our mission is to provide great customer service with the best value and quality diamonds available for a low price.
The pair come complete with comfortable and secure friction backs.Looking for a different gemstone or size?

Yes, they're $50 more than my intended budget, but the SI2 clarity and the I color were the perfect blend of great price along with a great look. I was reluctant to purchase a diamond online but after reading several very positive reviews about Diamondwave, I decided to try it anyway.
I picked up the package without issue, but was impressed that they keep such close tabs on their shipments.Great product and service, fast shipping.
A colorless diamond for a ? carat tw set of earrings is kinda silly to me, because nobody will notice a difference between I and D with these anyway.

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