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Advanced Hearing Care is one of a few sites in South Carolina that has been certified and trained to treat tinnitus using the new breakthrough tinnitus treatment called Neuromonics and Sound Cure Serenade. Tinnitus may be described as a constant sound that never seems to go away or it may be intermittent in nature and seem to come and go.  Tinnitus may also fluctuate in character and intensity. Hearing loss may also be due to a conductive component, meaning there is a blockage in the external ear canal or middle ear space that prevents sound from being transmitted to the inner ear efficiently.  This type of hearing loss, which represents approximately 5% of cases, may be the result of disease, trauma, or something as simple as impacted ear wax.
As experience has shown, treatments of the past that focused on improving coping skills or masking out the tinnitus sounds have a low success rate for patients with tinnitus.  That is why it is crucial for you to discuss your symptoms with a Doctor of Audiology who is specially trained to treat tinnitus.
With the advancement of hearing aid technology, Doctors of Audiology are now able to offer advanced hearing aid technology designed to treat hearing loss within the frequency range of speech.  This approach may not only provide improved communication abilities but may also provide relief of tinnitus symptoms while wearing the hearing devices. On the other hand, if the Doctor of Audiology determines that the patient is not a good hearing aid candidate or if the relief from tinnitus is not adequate, new sound therapy treatments called the Neuromonics Tinnitus Treatment or the Sound Cure Serenade system may be the answer. To determine if you or a loved one may be a candidate for either hearing aids or one of our sound therapy tinnitus management programs, the first step is to schedule a comprehensive tinnitus assessment with the Doctors of Audiology at Advanced Hearing Care.  Help is available and relief is now attainable! Having been a patient of Advanced Hearing Care for 3 years, I can certainly endorse the practice. Others places that I have been seem to place the main focus on the hearing aid.  Your enthusiasm and follow-up care and support for my success in this endeavor has been very rewarding.  Thank you Advanced Hearing Care!

Advanced Hearing Care has provided exceptional treatment and has always been responsive to my hearing needs throughout the years.
I chose Advanced Hearing Care when I moved here because of your reputation and expertise and experience of the Audiologists. I feel like you have helped me gradually adjust to hearing better again with patience and expertise. Knowing what I know now, I regret having waited so long to get help with my hearing.  Advanced Hearing Care helped me to realize what I was missing.  When it comes to your hearing, you need a professional!  Thank you all! My father called me today with his new hearing aids and he is absolutely thrilled and delighted and he didn’t even have to take them out to talk on the phone! I love my new hearing devices!  Communication is greatly improved which makes me feel more confident and secure in conversations.  The difference in my life is like night and day!  Thank you for your professionalism and quality of care you have provided me over the years.

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