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The British Tinnitus Association (BTA) is a world leader, with a trained team of friendly and experienced advisers for anyone who experiences tinnitus or those simply seeking guidance or information about the condition. The Aintree University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust has become the first NHS organisation to become UKAS accredited under the Royal College of Physicians’ (RCP) Improving Quality in Physiological diagnostic Services (IQIPS) programme. The IQIPS programme covers the range of physiological diagnostic specialisms, including audiology, cardiac physiology, gastrointestinal physiology, neurophysiology, ophthalmic and vision science, respiratory and sleep physiology, urodynamics and vascular science.
Upon being granted accreditation Tony Kay, Head of Audiology Services at Aintree University Hospital said. IQIPS has been sponsored by Professor Sue Hill, Chief Scientific Officer at the Department of Health. Some tinnitus patients are able to live well with the condition while others struggle to cope. A research project, led by the University of Liverpool and Aintree University Hospital, is giving new hope to patients living with tinnitus. The condition, which causes one in 10 people in the UK to hear a constant noise in their ears or head, can cause distress to individuals of any age and affect sleep and concentration at work.
The University and Aintree have now teamed up to try to gain a better understanding of how the brain reacts in different tinnitus patients.
The study, which is being led by Dr Vanessa Sluming, Senior Lecturer in Neuroimaging Science and Principal Investigator at the University, and Fahad Alhazmi, a PhD student, will investigate brain structure and function in people who have tinnitus and those who don't. A total of 90 volunteers, including patients from Aintree University Hospital, will take part in the study.
Dr Sluming, from the University's Institute of Translational Medicine, said: "In a room of tinnitus patients, you will find people who live well with the condition and others who struggle to cope, but there has never been a study to understand why this is. Tony Kay, Head of Audiology Services at Aintree University Hospital, said: "I'm delighted to once again be working with our academic partners at the University.

Previous research between Aintree and the University has been shortlisted for a prestigious Marie and Jack Shapiro prize by the British Tinnitus Association, which recognises research that is "most likely to result in improved treatment or awareness of tinnitus. Loyola University Medical Center is studying whether a new form of non-invasive magnetic therapy can help people who suffer debilitating tinnitus (ringing in the ears). People with 'neurotic' tendencies are more likely to be troubled by their tinnitus, a new study involving researchers at The University of Nottingham, has found. After eating a meal, you can thank your vagus nerve for sensing and signaling that feeling of fullness to your brain. Combining two cutting-edge techniques reveals that neurons in the prefrontal cortex are built to respond to reward or aversion, a finding with implications for treating mental illness and addictions. It is not surprising that a good night's sleep improves our ability to remember what we learned during the day. When it comes to measuring brain activity, scientists have tools that can take a precise look at a small slice of the brain (less than one cubic millimeter), or a blurred look at a larger area.
As the difficulty of making a decision based on sensory evidence increases, activity in the brain's insular cortex also increases, according to researchers at Georgia State University. As part of Tinnitus Awareness Week (6th–12th Feb 2012), health professionals from Aintree University Hospital worked with a local GP to identify ways to make the most of the often short consulting period available to patients in primary care.
It is thought that by asking several key questions the outcomes for the 10 per cent of the population living with tinnitus will be greatly improved.
Tony Kay, Head of Audiology Services at Aintree University Hospital, developed the toolkit with Christopher Dowrick, Professor of Primary Medical Care at the University of Liverpool and GP at the Aintree Park Group practice. Accreditation has been granted by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) for the audiology services delivered at Aintree University Hospital, the May Logan Centre in Bootle and the St Chad’s Centre in Kirby. UKAS has been contracted by RCP to deliver the national assessment and accreditation service for all eight physiological diagnostic specialisms, as independent assessment and accreditation is a key part of the programme.

Tinnitus, for which there is currently no cure, although there are effective management techniques, can lead to anxiety and depression in extreme cases.
The group with tinnitus will be a mix of people who find the condition irritating and those who don't.
The volunteers will undergo audiological testing and a functional MRI scan at MARIARC, the University's magnetic resonance image analysis research facility, during which they will be given different audio and visual prompts.
Instead, even in a quiet room, they hear a constant ringing, buzzing, hissing, humming or other noise in their ears that isn't real. I've been researching the different sounds of tinnitus and seeing how this relates to the different causes of tinnitus.
But I've found substantial relief with simple herbs and supplements, all of which are vascular dilators.If any readers of this article are interested in what helps clear my ears, read all about it at Arrest Tinnitus, hosted by blogspot. Does anyone know when this research will be published?I have learned that not all types of tinnitus are treatable and certain types require different treatment paths.
I've also recently been experimenting with a few supplements, namely Lipoflavonoid and Tinniticil. Tinniticil is exciting because it aims to provide relief from all the major causes of tinnitus.

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