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I became an audiologist because I am passionate about helping people who have developed hearing loss.
However, with neglect or improper treatment or consultation, they can prove to be frustrating and cumbersome. By offering a wide variety of hearing aid brands, and taking the time to work with you individually to assure your comfort and lifestyle is maintained – whether it takes 2 visits or 20 – I am confident we can find the right fit for you! Smoking is a bad habit known to affect oral and physical health, the color of your teeth, breath odors and even affects your taste buds. If you’re a smoker – or live with someone who smokes – chances are your hearing is at risk, too.” This theory was suspected in 1962 by hearing health experts who conducted an initial study. Chemicals, such as nicotine and carbon monoxide found in cigarettes, deplete oxygen and constrict blood vessels in the body.
Young smokers have also been found to be two to three times at risk of hearing loss compared to those with no exposure, and the longer a person smokes the greater the damage.

I opened Bluegrass Audiology & Hearing Aids because I see a great need for a concerned, educated, compassionate specialist who would provide quality care at an affordable price.
With over 10 years experience and a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Disorders from UK and a Masters of Science in Audiology from U of L, I am confident I can meet all of your audiological testing and hearing aid needs. Since then on-going studies, like the June 1998 Journal of the American Medical Association, confirm that smokers are 70 percent more likely than non-smokers to lose their hearing. The American Lung Association has found that 20 minutes after smoking, your blood pressure decreases and circulation improves.
If you are ready to quit, go to for quit plans and tips on handling your first day without cigarettes. Mickey Can HelpThe first step in getting effective relief from tinnitus is to have your hearing evaluated by an audiologist. Sixteen million of these smokers suffer from a disease caused by their habit; smoking accounts for more than 48,000 deaths each year.

Studies have also found that non-smokers, who live with smokers, are twice as likely to develop hearing loss, than those that have never been exposed at all.
After eight hours carbon monoxide and oxygen levels normalize, and eventually smell and taste improves as nerve endings are revived.
There is hope — with an understanding of your tinnitus and any related hearing challenges, you can discuss your goals with your hearing care professional and plan a course of treatment.It's important to know that you don't have to live with untreated tinnitus.
Learning to manage your tinnitus is the first step to regaining hope and maintaining your health.closeBe sure and check out all of the great hearing products that we have available in our office.

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