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High Quality Guarantee: Noise cancellation makes you enjoy a clear sound in noisy occasion.
About Our TOTU: TOTU use the most productive subject material and up to date design to pursue both superb appearance and high quality product and supply our Amazon customers service beyond expectations. Top Quality Guarantee: Noise cancellation makes you experience a transparent sound in noisy occasion. What You Get: Wireless headphone, user manual, charging cable and 5 different sizes earbuds.

Invisible nano-coating technology protect earbuds against sweat during running and workouts. Invisible nano-coating technology offer protection to earbuds against sweat throughout running and workouts. Rubber adapters, unique flexible design and custom earbuds ensure you get it perfect fit and remain stable in your ear. Rubber adapters, distinctive flexible design and custom earbuds make sure you get it best have compatibility and remain stable for your ear.

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