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Welcome to Viya Asian Fashion & Beauty blog, home for British Asian Fashion and Beauty.
From humble and distinctive beginnings the Kyles brand has expanded over the years and has established a collection of innovative and ornate East meets West jewellery. The company’s worldwide clientele speaks volumes of its ability and craftsmanship to create distinctive and alluring costume jewellery.
All have been collected from various sources for the convenience of tourists to find new designs to marry or to wear for occasions such as: dance parties, weddings and other functions. Indian Jewellery - Buy Indian Jewellery from our online shopIndian Jewellery - Buy Indian Jewellery From Our Online Shop. Links - Native American Jewelry, Handmade Jewelry, Cherokee IndianOKA JEWELRY - Online Custome Fashion Jewelry Store .

Uk Shop Clothes Jewellery at Website InformerShopping Directory: Online Shopping Directory, Home Shopping, UK Shops . An elegant boutique that offers a first class service, Roshan’s prides itself on its customer care and will aide you in your mission to find that ageless piece that you can look back on with pride. A dream come true for brides, Kyles can provide bespoke jewellery that is stylized in colour and look to compliment your outfit.
Many designs incorporate Swarovski crystals, adding to collections a fresh and vibrant texture.
Range of collections including indian Sarees, Lenghas, Indian Trouser Suits and Jewellery. We invite all fashion & beauty enthusiasts to join and be part of the creative world of Viya.

The brands creativity and multicultural blossoming has lead to the opening of trendy premises in East London, which include a stunning retail showroom in the thriving heart of Green Street. Crystal decorations are available in an astonishing range of 30 shades and you can select over 7 plate finishes that are all nickel free for sensitive skin care.
Not only are we the largest online store for INDIAN JEWELRY but we are the providers of the . We are happy to post your upcoming events, exhibitions after show coverage and showcase designers, make up artists and henna artists.

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