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He’d been to a neurologist, a developmental pediatrician, a psychologist, and an ophthalmologist, but none was able to determine the nature of his problem.
Today, Perry receives speech-language therapy services in school and benefits from these listening modifications in the classroom. Central auditory processing refers to how a person’s central nervous system receives and processes sounds. There is no specific cause for a central auditory processing disorder (CAPD), but some of the possible causes are a trauma, a viral infection or a neurological condition. Once a child has been diagnosed with CAPD and the nature of the deficit has been identified, individualized management and treatment activities will be recommended. Testing and treatment for central auditory processing disorders are offered at the Donald R. The problem: The ADHD student doesn't seem to be listening or paying attention to class material. The reason: ADHD is not just an inability to pay attention — it's an inability to control attention. The obstacles: Children with ADHD struggle to stay focused on lectures or any tasks that require sustained mental effort.
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A child with Central Auditory Processing Disorder may exhibit the following symptoms: shy and withdrawn, slow to respond, difficulty with following verbal directives when no other cues are given, easily distracted, poor attention, difficulty listening in the presence of background noise, poor receptive and expressive language, low academic performance and they may also exhibit behavior issues.
CAPD is treated through a variety of methods including skill remediation, compensatory strategies and environmental adaptations. NSPT provided me with an exceptional learning opportunity to further my clinical skills as a SLP student.
NSPT provided me the opportunity to not only gain more clinicial skills in my area of study, but also alllowed me to better understand and experience what other clinicial professions do. NSTP has managed to turn a difficult and sometimes frustrating situation into a fun and educational experience for my 6 year old daughter. North Shore Pediatric Therapy provides a supportive and fun educational atmosphere for both clinical interns and clients. I have three children who have been coming to NSPT since October 2012 in the Glenview office. My son (now 4) has been coming to Speech Therapy at North Shore Pediatric Therapy in Glenview for over a year. North Shore Pediatric Therapy provides a positive and fun learning environment for their clients.
Since my family put my autistic sister into speech therapy in North Shore Pediatric Therapy she had improved in her speech and developed new words, and found confidence in trying to speak more and Maureen is very happy, because everybody is very friendly and pays attention to her needs. My 22 month old son has been coming to Speech Therapy here at North Shore Pediatric Therapy in Bucktown since last fall (2013).

He was diagnosed with mild Attention Deficit Disorder and short-term memory issues, but neither of these could account for the severity of his academic problems. Reed Speech and Hearing Center at Phelps for a comprehensive language evaluation by a speech-language pathologist. He has made great strides in reading and writing, and his teachers and parents are thrilled with his progress. Auditory processing problems in children resulting from delayed development of the auditory centers in the brain may resolve as the child matures. A thorough case history, academic profile, and descriptions of school and home behaviors provide important information regarding a child’s strengths and weaknesses.
If no hearing loss is detected, the audiologist will administer a number of behavioral tests. Changing the child’s learning environment to improve his or her access to auditory information. Language therapy provided by a speech-language pathologist to strengthen a child’s cognitive-linguistic skills needed for problem-solving, memory and attention. Find out how to help children with attention deficit disorder fend off distractions and stay focused on the task at hand. He may be daydreaming, looking out the window, or focused on irrelevant noises or other stimuli.
Children with ADHD have a lower level of brain arousal, which in turn decreases their ability to screen out distractions like noise in the hallway, movement outside, or even their own inner thoughts and feelings. Sometimes, this distractibility can appear intentional and annoying — which then works against ADHD students in getting the help they need. Central Auditory Processing Disorder (CAPD) is an auditory deficit where a child is able to hear sounds, but their brain interprets these sounds atypically. However, auditory processing disorders may be associated with a number of other conditions including: developmental delay, pervasive developmental disorder, autism spectrum disorders, dyslexia or attention deficit disorder.
If you child displays a number of these symptoms, referral to an audiologist may be warranted for CAPD testing and diagnosis. A child with CAPD would benefit from working with an occupational therapist and speech language pathologist following diagnosis from an audiologist to target these areas.
I appreciated the feedback and experiences here at NSPT and am so happy I had the opportunity to work alongside other therapists! If it wasn’t for the intellect of the therapist he was working with we would have never discovered that he has APD. Their confidence, willingness to explain every detail of what they do and what they have planned for my daughters sessions has been a life saver to me. I learned a lot from both my supervisor as well as the rest of the team, made of clinicians from the fields of speech-language pathology, occupational therapy, physical therapy, and social work. When he started, he could barely form words was somewhat unintelligible, and we were obviously very concerned.
I enjoyed working alongside the therapists in a multi-disciplinary setting and I learned a lot from the experience!

The results indicated that the auditory centers in his brain had not matured appropriately for his age. Disorders that may be confused with or coexist with auditory processing disorders include attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), autism, dyslexia, and learning or language disorders.
Attention deficit children have an especially hard time tuning out distractions when an activity is not sufficiently stimulating. Additionally, computer software has been added to the scope of intervention to enhance traditional treatment approaches. The positive environment, interdisciplinary team work, and everlasting support at NSPT made my externship placement truly wonderful! From the first session, Zoe was able to work with our baby to not only get her to try foods, but to take an active interest in them. Through hard work over the course of the years, my son has blossomed into a talking machine. The enthusiasm and confidence I encounter with her therapists is not only a needed relief to me as a parent but is also picked up by my daughter and can been seen in her interactions with the therapists and other children as we walk into the office.
I received constructive feedback, had access to a variety of helpful treatment and diagnostic materials, and experienced providing services to a variety of clients and their families. She has been learning new words and phrases and is incorporating them at home, which has been great! Thanks to the amazing SLPs at NSPT, my son has greatly improved and is so much more intelligible. Everyone used to tell me that one day he would be talking so much I would just want him to stop, but I had a hard time believing them. Jessica is a warm, kind and extremely caring Speech Therapist who is wonderful with children with developmental delays.
His teachers also check with him periodically to ensure comprehension and use visual cues such as hand gestures while speaking. Zoe also provided tremendous comfort to us by sharing her breadth of professional and personal knowledge on infant feeding. While we have moved out-of-state & no longer go to NSPT, I am hopeful that we will find a therapy center that is as wonderful & caring as they were! Overall, I learned a lot during my time at NSPT and will be very sad not to spend more time there. Our baby is nearly 1 year old now and she is a happy, healthy eater (though still a little picky). Haha – Needless to say we are thrilled with the speech services our son has received.

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