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Many families ask me about auditory processing disorders, noting that “listening” and “understanding” seem to be problems at home and at school.
Auditory Processing Disorder (APD) is a broad term that includes Central Auditory Processing Disorder and Aphasia Deafness.
Speech-language pathologists and occupational therapists work with auditory processing disorders because they are integrally related to vestibular (balance), cognitive, language, auditory and sensory system functioning. Most children with auditory processing problems can be educated in a regular school setting with the following accommodations.
Our practice combines comprehensive speech and language therapy with patience, understanding and experience.
From articulation to auditory processing, we hone speech and language skills essential for learning and long-term success.

We’re here to help you understand and conquer speech and language disorders, starting with information. Auditory discrimination: a central auditory processing skill involving differentiating among phonemes—the smallest significant units of sound in a language.
Information for Therapists about how Balametrics’ balance stimulation activities can help with Central Auditory Processing Disorder in Therapy.
On average, students with CAPD who received Seeing Stars instruction achieved significant improvements in reading. Auditory processing refers to the brain’s ability to sort and make sense of auditory inputs (sounds). Auditory Processing Disorder Symptoms Signs of an auditory processing deficit and how it undermines learning.

CAPDsupport is a place where individuals, parents and family members can find information and support while living with Auditory Processing Disorder (APD). The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) recognizes APD as a “listening disorder.” With a proactive approach involving both schools and parents focused on helping APD children compensate, learn and retrain their brains, these students can be highly successful academically.
Auditory processing is a term used to describe what happens when your brain recognizes and interprets the sounds around you.

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