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According to ASHA, “(Central) Auditory Processing Disorder [(C)APD] refers to difficulties in the perceptual processing of auditory information in the CNS as demonstrated by poor performance in one or more of the above skills”, and the cause of which cannot be attributed to deficits or delays in cognition, language, attention skills or other disorders (e.g. In other words “(C)APD is best viewed as a deficit in the neural processing of auditory stimuli that may coexist with, but is not the result of, dysfunction in other modalities”. Although skills such as phonological awareness, auditory memory (including attention skills to auditory information presented), auditory comprehension, auditory synthesis, and other similar skills may be reliant on the auditory process, they are considered higher level cognitive-communication skills or language-related functions and are not included in the definition of (C)AP. If you are an audiologist or an SLP who is well-versed in (C)APD, feel free to comment below.
CAPD - child has normal hearing but cana€™t fully process information they hear as there are communication difficulties between their ears and brain. Once diagnosed, children with CAPD work with a speech therapist to improve language-building skills and increase their ability to learn new words. A constant interference in the processing of information (CAPD) can be hereditary in families or the result of a difficult birth, or the disorder can be acquired from a head injury or severe illness during the child’s first years. The following symptoms of CAPD can range from mild to severe and can take many different forms.
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A person can have good hearing (their ears are sending the sound to their brain) but poor auditory processing (their brain doesn’t match up the sounds properly).
Have you ever had a conversation with someone but not really “heard” (or processed) what they said?
Compensate for the problem by repeating instructions, providing visual materials, and checking for understanding.
If you would like to take an Auditory Processing course, you can take a short online course presented by neuroscientist and Speech Pathologist Dr Martha Burns.
A central auditory test battery should include measures that examine different central processes. Symptoms include being easily distracted, getting upset in noisy environments, difficulty following direction and difficulty maintaining conversation. If you think there may be a problem with how your child processes information or what they are able to hear and pick up, consider the following questions. WellBeing also focuses on natural approaches within the topics of ecology, spirituality, nutrition, pregnancy, parenting and travel. To be good at listening, we also need fast processing speed, good working memory, good attention and concentration and sensitivity to the subtleties of sound.

They are intelligent students but may struggle in many subjects because of their listening difficulties, and they usually have trouble getting their thoughts onto paper. Instead, CAPD affects the neurological system beyond the ear, which identifies and separates meaningful messages from non-essential background noise and sends that information to the intellectual centres of the brain. Ultimately, however, you will need to have your child diagnosed by a qualified professional. It happens to all of us sometimes but for some students this is happening constantly in the classroom.
Sit the child at the front of the class, install a sound amplification system, or reduce the amount of background noise when you are speaking.
The Fast ForWord program is proven to improve auditory processing and change the brain, re-wiring it for listening.

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