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Kit joined Teaching after working as a middle school psychologist in the San Ramon Valley Unified School District in California. Specific Learning Disabilities come in several varieties, but probably the most common is a disorder of auditory processing.
4th grade: When reading, writing, and lecture become more advanced and less contextual (no pictures). To keep up-to-date with the latest events hosted by Sonic Learning, join our e-newsletter list. See this common yet poorly understood difficulty through the eyes of a student, teacher and audiologist.
Can I view a recording of the webinar afterward?Recordings of both webinars will be available for 1 week after the live presentations. Will I receive a certificate of attendance for PD points?Certificates of attendance will available to those who attend the live webinar and request a certificate by means of completing a post-webinar survey. Cycles for Phonology focuses on patterns and efficient generalization through target selection that can drastically reduce therapy time for children with difficult phonological process challenges.

Explain the difference between Cycles for Phonology and Traditional Articulation approaches. Design a Cycle based on the primary patterns using a transcript and the Cycles Guidelines.
Dawn Moore is an SLP with 16 years of experience in North Carolina Public Schools and owns the private practice Expressions Speech & Language Center in Burlington serving children 18 months-12 years. Children and adolescents with ASD are often difficult to engage in the therapeutic process. Understand the characteristics of effective reinforcers and teaching tools and acquire strategies to identify them.
This hands-on, practical, therapy-rich presentation will focus on strategies for therapists that facilitate verbal communication for children with apraxia of speech.
Dave Hammer is the Director of Professional Development and Speech Services for the Childhood Apraxia of Speech Association of North America (CASANA). Financial: Speaker to receive a speaking fee for teaching and speaking, receives a percentage of DVD sales for Treatment Strategies for CASANA DVD and receives a percentage of DVD sales for childrena€™s book a€?Your Time Will Comea€?.

Financial: Speaker to receive a speaking fee for teaching and speaking, receives royalties from authorship of assessment tool published by Super Duper Publications. The engagement process begins with the marriage of evidence-based principles of treatment with activities of interest that allow for collaboration and flexibility. SLPs will learn how to target patterns of sounds rather than individual sounds in each place (initial, medial, final) and type of utterance (word, phrase, sentence, conversation).
The instructor will take participants through an overview of delivery and scoring of the Hodson Assessment of Phonological Processes-3 (HAPP-3). Blocha€™s love of both art and technology have helped to make evidence-based psychotherapeutic practices, more fun, flexible, and creative for all involved.

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