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Hippie Style ¦ I had to repin this because it says "hippie style" but it's clearly "hipster style". Vault Denim where else can you start your own style for less then those high end boutiques. A week in advance, send requests of the fandom you want to see for the next week to my ask.
If the chosen fandom is one that I am not a part of, I will spend that week exploring it and let you know what I think of it at the end.

Be sure to send outfit requests to my ask, along with requests for next week’s fandom! But sometimes words have hurt your heart so bad that you don't have even the strength to say anything. I LOVE YOURS by the way, I just can't get enough of fashion based off fictional characters?
I went to a school with uniforms for fourteen years, so my sense of personal style never really matured.

I've tried to make the leap to a more stylish wardrobe, but I could never really make an emotional connection with the clothes, so these efforts were always short-lived.

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