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COSMETIC DENTISTRY INDIA -                                   All on 4: No More Dentures                 Get A Set of Fixed Teeth in One Appointment. Around 2,100 years ago, at a time when Egypt was ruled by a dynasty of Greek kings, a young wealthy man from Thebes was nearing the end of his life.
Rather than age, he  may have succumbed to a sinus infection caused by a mouthful of cavities and other tooth ailments, according to new research on the man's odd dental filling. Recently published CT scans of his mummified body allowed researchers to reconstruct details of his final days. The man, whose name is unknown, was in his 20s or early 30s, and his teeth were in horrible shape. The pain the young man suffered would have been beyond words and drove him to see a dental specialist. The development of high-resolution CT scanning technology over the past 20 years meant researchers could examine the male mummy's ancient dental problems and treatment in great detail. A modern-day dentist would have a hard time dealing with the young man's severe condition and one can imagine that the ancient dentist must have felt overwhelmed.
The packing acted as a barrier to prevent food particles from getting into the cavity, with any medicine on the linen helping to ease the pain, the study researchers said. When he died he was mummified, his brain and many of his organs taken out, resin put in and his body wrapped.
After being mummified he was likely put in a coffin and given funerary rites befitting someone of his wealth and stature. To figure out the mummy's story, researchers led by Andrew Wade, then at the University of Western Ontario, used new high-resolution CT scans of his teeth and body, reporting their dental-packing discovery recently in the International Journal of Paleopathology.
Wade, who completed the study while working on his doctorate, pointed out in an interview with LiveScience that advances in CT technology made this discovery possible. A Catholic priest blesses a grave during a burial ceremony for the remains of 110 Napoleonic soldiers who died in a major battle against the Russian army, near the of Studenka, about 100 kilometers (63 miles) east of Minsk, Belarus, Friday, Nov.

Dentistry was nothing new in Egypt, ancient records indicate that it was being practiced at least as far back as when the Great Pyramids were built. Sadly, while this likely helped the young man out, he would succumb shortly after, perhaps in just a matter of weeks. Curiously, embalmers left his heart inside the body, a sign perhaps of his elite status, researchers say.
Where he was laid to rest in Thebes isn't known, as his story picks up again in 1859 when James Ferrier, a businessman and politician, brought the mummified body (the whereabouts of the coffin is unknown) to Montreal, where today it lies in the Redpath Museum at McGill University. Researchers said this is the first known case of such packing treatment done on an ancient Egyptian.
The small linen mass was initially found during a scan in the mid-1990s, but the scanning resolution of the time was too low to allow a full analysis. An extraordinary procedure has been developed that permits the placement of 4 dental implants and a fixed bridge in as little as one appointment. Dental problems were also not unusual, the coarsely ground grain ancient Egyptians consumed was not good for the teeth. In its most extraordinary application an entire mouthful of teeth may be replaced with implants and non-removable set of new teeth in as little as an hour. In most cases there is no bone grafting, no sinus grafting or lift, no incision or suture placement and no healing time required. The same technique may be used for the replacement of a single missing tooth.TEETH IN ONE DAY can change your life.
Less expensive, but still not an ideal choice, since it isn’t fixed and patients have to snap the dentures in and out for hygiene. Patients who benefit most from this revolutionary and highly sophisticated system are those toothless with dentures or with teeth so compromised, they have no option but to pull all their teeth and then select from several less-than-desirable scenarios:Removable dentures, which everybody hates aesthetically, along with greatly reduced chewing function - only 10-20 percent of what is normal. Studies show that patients with dentures connected to implants recover only 50-60 percent of their chewing function, better than that of dentures alone, but still greatly impaired.Finally, there is a better alternative to those we’ve had in the past.

Getting numerous implants on each arch and a fixed bridge; very costly and requires numerous appointments, months of healing and sometimes bone and sinus grafting.
A new technique gives patients 90 percent of their chewing ability back in a single appointment, with less pain and at a much lower cost. Have a denture connected to two or four implants with attachments, for more stability and restoration. This revolutionary technique is called TEETH IN ONE DAY or All-On-Four                                                         ProcedureThis amazing advancement in dental care is now possible thanks to the evolution of science and computer-aided surgical techniques.
This highly sophisticated software allows us to fabricate a precise computerized surgical guide, and, because we know exactly where the four implants are being placed, model and create the fixed bridge in advance.  There is absolutely no bone grafting, no sinus grafting or lift, no incision or suture placement and no healing time required. This technique has revolutionized the field of dentistry, being the least invasive and most cost effective protocol available for patients with dentures or severely compromised teeth.Last but not least are aesthetics, my specialty and passion, an area where I refuse to compromise.
By s the most cutting-edge materials, tools and techniques, you will get what I demand for all my patients - a beautiful, healthy smile you can flash with pride and confidence.If you’ve suffered the agony and embarrassment of a serious degenerative oral condition, your suffering is over. Am I a candidate for an implant with the All on Four procedure?80% of the patients who have been told they are not candidates for traditional implant options are candidates for this procedure. This procedure uses the frontal part of the jaw and in most cases it requires no bone grafting or sinus augmentation.What makes this procedure different?Considering the fact that the frontal part of the jaw has the more dense bone, instead of the conventional method of placing the implant straight into the bone (which can require sinus lift and bone grafting) and minimum 6 to 9 months waiting time to heal, this technique differentiates by placing the back implants at an angle. You can get videos patients describing their experience and see their results and also get contact info of our satasfied patients.The team at Cheema Dental Implant centre consists of specialists who have had the unique opportunity to receive advanced, individualized training with Dr. There’s simply never been a better time in history to correct the problem and start living life more fully.

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