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The six-day tennis tournament will be held at the Elbow Beach tennis facility and is free to spectators.
The tournament is sponsored by Elbow Beach Resort, The Argus Group, Lido Complex and Dunkley’s.The tournament is named after the late Crystal family who travelled to Bermuda every Christmas since the 1970’s, so that Dan Crystal could play tennis with many of Bermuda’s top tennis players. Dan Crystal was an accomplished tennis player who could hit a flat ball with his forehand and a slice backhand for his approach shot.

Participants in this week’s tournament will compete for the Crystal Cup trophy in the family’s honour.Dan, Sylvia and Rona Crystal made many friends during their vacations in Bermuda. Dan Crystal and David Lambert, who is now the Director of Tennis at Elbow Beach Bermuda, travelled the island to play doubles matches at Grotto Bay, Port Royal, The Reefs, and Sonesta Beach Hotel.
The tournament is expected to last until August 10, where the winners of each category will be announced.Unlike most tournaments, this is an invitation-only event.

After that, we felt it right to keep our promise and to host a tournament in the Crystal family name.

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