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The sounds produced by bears can be exciting as well as scary when you hear them in the wild.
Moaning may be heard from bears, and some people take that as a sign of mild warnings to potential threats or in fear.
Loud roars are used as warnings for bears, and when you hear them you want to get out of the area. The depth of communications and vocalizations among bears has to do with how the mothers respond to their cubs. Students and teachers are allowed to use this information for school projects and homework. But thanks to a powerful tranquilliser dart, this scientist, deep in the icy wastes of Alaska, was able to do just that.
Just a few minutes after being struck by the dart, and roaring with surprise, the angry male bear collapsed on the icy ground, unconscious. To conduct their studies, the scientists quickly lay out the tranquillised bear in a spread-eagle position. While their primary prey are seals, polar bears have also been known to eat walrus and beluga whales, along with reindeer and birds. The polar bear is a superb hunter - creeping up on its prey from behind, even covering their conspicuous black noses with their paws while hunting, to disguise themselves against the snow. The bears can live off fat reserves for months at a time and have such a low body temperature (they overheat at more than 10C) that they are almost invisible to infrared cameras.
Short and stocky, the bear's claws are designed to dig into the ice and are scooped on the underside in order better to equip them to burrow deep into hardened ice. Once the final measurements are taken, a large identifying number is painted with temporary paint onto the bear's back, so that it will not be picked up again during the current survey. Polar bear biologist Dr Steven Amstrup says tracking the bears is vital for their survival. Back on the ice field, the woozy, paintcovered and newly tattooed bear slowly rises to its feet.

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I work at a recycling company and the window for my customers is outside, so even though i have a clear NO SMOKING sign on the glass,they still do, and it creeps right in my office. BecomeAnEX is only responsible for what we post, not what others post or what's linked to us in the community section. We'll help you learn how to do all of those things you do with a cigarette without one, so you can finally quit for good. These types of vocalizations allow them to communicate with each other in their surroundings.
It can offer a couple a chance to read each other and to decide if the female is going to allow the male to mate with her or not.
These roars can be their way of telling humans, other bears, and other animals that they are scared and that they want to protect their territory. In fact, they are very effective when it comes to non verbal types of communication as well. Since most species are very solitary in their movements it can be harder to collect that data.
Well, a small team of intrepid scientists are compiling the vital statistics of all the polar bears in this area of Alaska for Project ThermoSTAT, a campaign that is drawing attention to the plight of polar bears and the threat posed to their shrinking environment by global warming.
The skull is measured, before the length of the bear is noted, using a traditional tape measure. While two men using a weight bar were able to lift and weigh the 26-stone female bear they had tranquillised earlier in the day, they need to erect a special portable block-and-tackle hoist to take the measurements of the much larger 110-stone male. With 42 teeth and a bite force that rivals the great white shark, the polar bear is not only the world's largest land predator, it is the wild's only fully carnivorous bear, with teeth perfectly designed to rip the flesh of seals apart.
A small numerical tattoo is quickly branded in the mouth of the bear which will enable it to be identified in the future, before it is time to check his claws. Dr Amstrup hopes these pictures will help people to realise how special this species is and how much it needs to be protected.

After a few tentative steps it is on its way, completely oblivious to the hazardous encounter that has just occurred. There has been a great deal of research involved with trying to determine what all of the different sounds mean. It also allows them to get stronger and to learn great skills to help them in adulthood too. Yet most experts believe that they have a good understanding of how bears communicate with each other.
Yet at times they won’t be in order to keep the presence of their young undetected from predators in the area.
Male polar bears, on average, are between eight and 10feet tall, while females usually come in between six and eight feet.
While they may not have advanced sounds or movements, they are believed to be pretty intelligent. They tend to reserve it for when they are very excited, alarm or to give away the animal?s position. If you see such signs on trees when you are in the wilderness you should be cautious as you could be invading the personal area of a bear.
Other times they are to reprimand the young for wondering off or some other thing she isn’t content with. However, it is very common for females to have a smaller area that overlaps with that of several males.

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