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We posted a review of the Studio headphones back when they were first released and found that they were more than just a way to capitalize on Dr. He is either underestimating the impact of the iPod or overestimating how much people appreciate high-end audio.
Joel Evans tested them and was really impressed with the sound quality, so the BoSox edition should be more than just a way to support your favorite team.

We are pleased to be the first professional sports franchise associated with Beats, a product that will do for headphones what the iPod did for portable music. Regardless, active noise isolating headphones don’t come cheap, plus the Beats pack a battery-powered digital amplifier and then you have to pay a premium for the Red Sox colors and logos.
Dre Studio headphones and slap a fresh coat of paint on them, along with some logos, so no one will be confused about what baseball team you are rooting for come opening day.

You end up with a headset that some small segment of the market is going to love but other people will be perplexed by.

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