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Apple's response provides so little guidance on how to set the limit that it is near useless to concerned parents of children who use iPods or to concerned iPod listeners. First, Apple provides no guidance on what level to set the iPod and what it means for how long someone can listen to their iPod at that level.
National standards by OSHA and other groups have guidlines for sound exposure and hearing protection.
The case is even worse if you listen to your iPod (like I do) with insert earphones like the Etymotic ER-6is and Shure earphones. Thanks for the information the Apple site was useless when trying to figure out a safe volume level. These days we cannot avoid the fast improvement of the technology as far as these devices involvement such as the iPod. I pod has changed the life of people as they were before more dependent on Walk man which can contain approach 15 track in a casset.
NEXT POSTNavigating to New Worlds of Innovation Guy Kawasaki, the former Chief Evangelist at Apple and startup guru, has a great blog dishing advice to entrepreneurs. I am the Vice President for Research at Starkey Labs, the largest hearing device company in the US. Long time readers of the NYSD might recall that I wrote a book for Hermes Pan back in the early '80s when I was living in Los Angeles. All those numbers we’ve seen on the screen of Fred or Fred and Ginger, all the sound of those tap-tap-tapping that we see and hear, was done after they shot the sequence.
There was no mistaking the steps because the two men rehearsed to the point (Astaire’s) of perfection.
So as I lay there on the MRI slab Friday afternoon, focusing on keeping still and keeping my eyes shut, I visualized Pan and Astaire and imagined them setting their taps to the sounds banging all around my head. About a hundred friends came for cookies and conversation including Leonard Lauder and Linda Johnson, Patty Phelphs de Cisneros (Stephanie's cousin), Carolyn Roehm, Christy Ferer, Lisa Schiff, Victoria Smith, Pat Patterson (Dallas), Susan Braddock, and others Manhattanites who summer in the Rockies.
There were also several Texans including Ann and Ed Hudson, Nancy Dunlop, Molly Lassiter, and Judy Allen. The Explore Book shop is a great Aspen institution owned by Sam Wiley and brilliantly run by John Edwards, an Aspen native.
Also last week,  Southampton Hospital broke ground at the site of its new Audrey and Martin Gruss Heart and Stroke Center. Cardiovascular Disease, of which heart disease and stroke are the most common diseases, is the leading cause of death nationally as well as in New York State and Long Island.
All content posted on TechnologyGuide is granted to TechnologyGuide with electronic publishing rights in perpetuity, as all content posted on this site becomes a part of the community. LeEco LeMe headphones have a fancy ‘droplet’ design, which is supposed to accentuate the comfort.
The headphones have a fancy ‘droplet’ design, which is supposed to accentuate the comfort but doesn’t deliver too well on that count. There are 15 volume levels, but below 7, you can barely hear a thing, except of course the beep and 15 is loud to the point it’ll turn your music into noise.
LeEco LeMe are cushioned on the ear and over the head, but the design makes you feel they are heavy. There were some connectivity issues initially, but I’m gonna hold my own amateur nature responsible for that. The only reason to buy these is if you don’t care about sound quality and want to be that person with the cool-looking headphones.

Look no further, we are the only online source you need for hearing related products and and accessories. Consider that whether a sound is damaging depends on both the level the sound and how long the sound is heard. Acoustic measurements indicate that levels are approximately 7 dB higher at the eardrum with those listening devices.
It does not ask whether the person is listening with insert earphones or earbuds--Apple's software should tell people that limits should be set lower if inserts are used.
Data suggests that you can listen to your iPod at 50% volume indefinitely, and at 60% volume for over 4 hours. Although it is still up to the individual user of these devices on how to control themselves hearing too much noise as long as they know the risk that it can damage their ears very serious. I also run a center in Berkeley, CA where we conduct research on hearing, cognition, speech and innovative hearing aid technologies, and am a Visiting Scholar at UC Berkeley.
Beautiful weekend in New York, overcast on Sunday, as if there might be rain (there wasn’t), but mild. I was reminded that work for them (creating the dances) was long and intense but full of the fun (and laughs) that we see in this photo. I needed to move my mind to another place in order to endure the 20 or so minutes without panicking. It was intended to be a memoir and in the process of interviewing Hermes, we became friends and I got to know him quite well. So lying there trying to keep myself calm with all this banging going on very loudly despite my lousy hearing and the earplugs, I hit upon Pan and Astaire. Fred and Hermes went into a studio wearing their taps shoes and stood on a cement platform with a wooden floor, in front of the screen. And, as I learned when Hermes recounted the experience often with a chortle or some laughter, the two men had a good time doing it. They both loved percussion and these sounds would have given them inspiration for more fun. Given a geographically remote location, compounded by excessive traffic during the summer, heart disease and stroke are a particular concern for the communities served by Southampton Hospital.
But for this review, I chose to keep my prejudices aside and give the LeMe Bluetooth headphones a real chance. They are cushioned on the ear and over the head, but the design makes you feel they are heavy. Between the two, you can find a fairly comfortable volume, but if you’re listening to something in your second or third language, you’ll be left wanting for more, literally. If I’m listening to Surface by Aero Chord, I’m expecting a thump that’ll blow my mind — without piercing through my eardrums. Listening to a sound for twice as long is the same as doubling the power of the sound with respect to hearing damage. This means that for the same volume setting, insert earphones cut the safe listening time by 4. Secondly, they don't give any guidance at all as to how long the iPod can be used at that maximum setting. One researcher offers the following evidence that portable music players cause hearing damage.
You will be tempted to go well above that if listening in an already noisy place, like on a subway or an airplane, but consider the consequences if you do and maybe leave the iPod off until you get to a quieter place.
We bought a pair of Sony's and a pair of Sennheisers for around $30 each and they work well.

I got out my little black Mini convertible, put the top down and drove across town to Zabar's. Eventually I did put together a book, although we were not able to find a publisher (it was no tell-all and Hermes avoided controversy for several reasons even though he was in his 70s and his career had ended). The man was always a dancer from childhood, never trained but eventually became a seat-of-the-pants professional in the late 1920s in New York.
Each time a husband succumbed to TB, she went back East and got a new one, and wrote wonderful diary of the opening of the West. The nearest similar programs are at Stony Brook University Medical Center, where during the busy summer months it can be a 2-hour trip from East End communities, where the population skews toward older residents and retirees. Infinite Loop asks whether this may be an admission of guilt regarding the lawsuit, as does Lifehacker, and and one definitely has to wonder whether this insufficient solution is simply a quick response to the lawsuit. Well, it depends on what you are listening to your iPod with, but for now let's assume you are using the iPod earbuds. Right now, providing the volume control limit ability is like being given medicine with no guidance on dosage or how often to repeat a dose. We both have a degree of high frequency hearing loss - I wear digital hearing aids in noisy situations.
I was afraid that the shock of the incessant banging and buzzing and tooting and whacking was going to cause me to accidentally open my eyes. The banging, however, and the tap tap tap, whack whack whack, reminded me of: Fred Astaire and Hermes Pan.
This photograph Hermes gave me of the two of them (for RKO publicity) always reminds me of those moments.
The beautiful Maja and Nicolas DuBrul, Elizabeth Paepcke's grandson, were also in attendance.
Stephanie's old family house, no longer in the family, is now the headquarters for Hari Krishna Hari Rama.
It will consolidate a broad spectrum of new and sophisticated diagnostic and treatment capabilities with the hospital’s existing cardiovascular programs and services. To properly set the level, you have to know how long the iPod will be listened to in a day; equivalently, after the level has been set, you need to know how long you can safely listen to that level in one day.
If Apple wanted to, they could design firmware that would embed a sound level meter inside the iPod and beep when the daily safe limit of sound exposure has been reached. So, at a 60% volume setting you can listen for  8 hours, but that time will halve for every 3 dB increase in sound level (that's a doubling of power). She told Hermes he should consider the move because they needed singers and dancers for their movies. Again according to Filgor, a volume setting of 80% on the nano produces a 98 dBA level, producing a safe listening duration of 23 minutes! The ear that didn't have the wax showed a 20 dB hearing loss at 4kHz while the ear with the wax was normal.
The teenager said that he listen to his portable music player at full volume, and Fligor concludes that the most likely explanation for the loss in the one ear was the music player--the ear with wax didn't have loss because it was protected by the wax which naturally reduced the loudness and protected that ear.
The audiogram for this child is reproduced on the right, and the yellow highlight shows the 20 dB difference in ability between the two ears at 4 kHz.

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