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More people are turning on their computers and going online to go shopping for everything from tennis shoes, crafts and tools. Believe it or not, hearing loss has many negative side affects other than missing out on conversation. Beltone has announced the introduction of the Beltone Promise, a new generation of virtually invisible hearing aids that are designed to simulate the way ears naturally process sound in various hearing environments.
Ear-to-Ear Synchronization, which allows program and volume changes from one hearing instrument to be mimicked in the other, seamlessly using Beltone’s proprietary 2.4 GHz wireless protocol. Asymmetrical Phone Handling, which automatically activates the phone program for the hearing instrument being held to the ear. Hearing aid users can also create their own Personal Wireless Network™ by combining Beltone Promise wireless-enabled hearing instruments with Beltone Direct Line wireless accessories. Ears have curves and ridges designed to capture incoming sound and direct it into your ear canal. Natural Ear Directionality – Tucking the microphone in the helix of your ear allows sound to be gathered and transmitted as nature intended. Feedback Eraser with WhistleStop – Unlike some hearing instruments, Beltone Prime stays quiet when objects come close to it. Curvilinear WDRC – WDRC amplifies the softer sounds you want to hear and prevents loud sounds from being uncomfortable or distracting.

Sound Cleaner Pro – Sound Cleaner Pro is a sophisticated noise reduction system that intuitively adjusts your hearing needs as you move from one noise environment to another.
Silencer – This feature suppresses low level or irrelevant background noise, such as fans and refrigerators, which can be bothersome in quiet environments if amplified too much. Get free hearing tips, news about new products and technology and more, right in your inbox. This hearing aid also has directional microphones to help you hear the sounds in front of you. Available in custom, RIE, MIC and BTE models, Promise uses a 2.4 GHz signal to analyze the hearing situation and automatically adjust. Utilizing 2.4 GHz, CrossLink enables each hearing instrument to “talk” to the other and automatically adjust for the most beneficial directional microphone settings. Beltone’s exclusive technology sends clear sound from your TV, stereo, PC, phone, iPod, and more, directly into your hearing aids. Its distinctive design uses the natural contours of your ears to maximize sound quality and hide your hearing aids from view. You won't be disturbed by a sudden, jarring noise or the distortion of loud sounds while wearing your Beltone Prime hearing aids. By intelligently changing amplification according to your surroundings, your hearing aids simulate natural hearing.

This system allows the wearer to monitor their surroundings when on the phone while not being disruptive to the phone conversation. Positioning the microphone in the curve of your ear means sound is received and sent to your ear canal where it is processed in much the same way that natural hearing treats sound. Beltone Hearing Care Centres in Langley, BC - Egyptian investment bank Beltone Financial said on Tuesday its chairman, Aladdin Saba, has been negotiating to sell his stake in the bank but no agreement touch beltone identity beltone change beltone access and beltone turn Beltone Hearing Aids!: Beltone Hearing Aids! And, Beltone Prime hearing aids are “fit-and-go.” If you show a hearing loss, we can precisely program your hearing aids to meet your specific needs in just one appointment. So, there's nothing to see, and nothing to interfere with eyeglasses, sunglasses, hats or hairbrushes.
This protective shield repels moisture and debris, keeping your hearing devices working like new over time.

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