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When my earlobes get that way I will rub a drop or two of Melaleuca essential oil on them and it takes care of the discomfort right away! I decided to forego the petroleum-based Vaseline suggested, and instead used an alternative product I found at Whole Foods awhile ago called Waxelene that has no petroleum or hydrogenated oil.
Then I decided to take it one step further and added a few drops of Melaleuca to the Waxelene to create the best of both worlds sensitive ears remedy! Melaleuca has powerful healing properties and combined with the waterproof barrier that the Waxelene provides, it’s the perfect combination. I have very sensitive skin all over but my ears are specially sensitive and react vengefully to my love for cute earrings. I too have sensitive ears and I coat all of my posts and hooks of my cheaper earrings with clear nail polish.
I was going to put a little cup holder near the frame to hold the backs but I didn’t need to. RED DOOR BEADSJEWELRY CLASSESWEAVING STITCHESPEYOTE STITCH:This class is an introduction to Peyote stitch. LOOMING BEADED BRACELET:Weaving beads with a loom is a beautiful and traditional Native American art form that you can learn to do, too, with our beading technique.
HERRINGBONE STITCH:Herringbone, also known as Ndebele stitch, is an interesting seed bead weaving technique that is easy to learn. WIRE WEAVE DONUT:The Wire Weave Donut Pendant (or Donut Bail Pendant), is a good class to take to get your feet wet before attempting the Wire Wrapped Cabochon class. DAISY CHAIN BRACELET:The Daisy Chain Bracelet is a beading style that has been around for years.
PEYOTE CABOCHON:The Peyote Cabochon uses a peyote stitch technique to create a decorative bail for possible pendant.

INTERMEDIATE WIRE COILING:Learn how to make wire coils for a pendant, or embellish a unique bracelet or Cabochon. HERRINGBONE WIRE WEAVING:This wire wrapping technique creates a dramatic effect by overlapping wires as you weave, and wrap them together around a center bead. BASIC WIRE WRAPPED CABOCHON:This class covers the basic design of wire wrap for a Cabochon.
Coating the earring hooks with something that provides a barrier of sorts between your sensitive ears and the offending earring. The best solution I came up with when I was in high school was to coat the offending piece of the earring with clear nail polish.
My daughter has sensitive ears and after we started doing this she has not suffered with sore earlobes. Each class is two hours long, which allows students the time to learn and complete the project.
Peyote is an off-loom weaving technique that creates a flat, flexible fabric using only beads, a needle, and thread. The Spiral Stitch is a versatile technique that gives a complicated look to a simple stitch. When two needles are used, it is often called cross-weaving because the threads cross in opposite directions through the beads. The Matubo and Superduo beads used add an elongated shape that gives this pattern a "Northern Star" appearance. It allows you the comfort of working with wire to learn basic looping and wrapping techniques, in addition to adding beads and crystals without concentrating too much on wrapping the entire gemstone. It is sometimes referred to as a snake design and as you can see gets its name from the way the Miniduo or Superduo beads lay in a scaled pattern.

This technique is the cornerstone for so many beading projects, including making your own findings. That is until I saw an idea by Karen Petersen at Today’s Mama about coating your earring hooks with Vaseline.
Instead, the rows are off-set, as on a brick wall.A ladder is a row of stitched beads that form the foundation row. The weaving and layering involved in this creation make the technique look professional and elegant, yet it's simple enough for all levels of experience (beginner-level technique). The threading technique is simple and some students end up finishing two of these bracelets during one class! It never fails that the earrings I LIKE are cheapo kinds with cheapo hooks that end up making my earlobes sore and inflamed. It was a real shame with all of the cute earrings I have, I usually just decided that the pain was worth it.
It is a very versatile weave and you can use any type or size of beads, as well as combinations of bead sizes and shapes to create different effects. Subsequent rows of brick stitch decrease like a pyramid, so it's important to know how to increase and decrease your bead count in brick stitch for even more shaping opportunities. If you want to learn more about right angle weave, get a copy of Christine Prussing’s Beading with Right Angle Weave. Let’s face it, she is a teenager, if it isn’t super easy to be clean or organized, it aint gonna happen.

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