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Jewelry Making Journalfree jewelry tutorials, plus a friendly community sharing creative ideas for making and selling jewelry.
If I had to choose one size that would fit most pierced ears, and be compatible with most earring styles – I would pick 21 gauge.
Most people can wear 20 gauge (one size thicker than 21 gauge), and it makes a nice, sturdy earring finding.
For small or lightweight earrings, 22 gauge (one size thinner than 21 gauge) can make a good earring wire. At the larger end of the scale, I’ve seen some earring styles (mainly hoops) made with wire as thick as 18 gauge.
And at the smaller end of the scale, some pierced earring findings are made from 24 gauge wire – but (depending on your customers) that may too thin to be sturdy enough to use in designs you sell.
Aluminum is OK for most people, but a small percentage of the population is sensitive to it. Copper is an allergen for some people, although it’s a less common metal allergy than nickel.
Gold – although many allergy-prone people can wear high-karat gold earring findings with no problem, gold has been cited as an allergen for a very small percentage of people.
People with allergies always greatly appreciate it when you understand their situation and are willing to accommodate them!
By the end of this online video class, youa€™ll be designing and making your own artistic earwires, clasps, connectors, and pendant bails. You’ll also learn my tips for making wire jewelry more easily, with more professional looking results. I am really glad that I stumbled upon your website and newsletter and always look forward to your emails and updates.
Well this has cleared a lot of things up for me – and I’ll be getting those plastic stoppers today!
I am learning how to make ear wires, but I am not sure about the choices of sterling silver wire. And if you’re the same Patti who asked about the beads in the waterfall earring tutorial, I left you an answer there about what they are and where I got them. I do a lot of Indian Heishi animal birds ,fish small animals in several colors ,but you can’t find them in a package deal mixed. Rhodium plated brass is also a very good jewelry making wire as well, and what I use most often.
I found this information very useful, especially because I don’t know the differences of using wires.
Is it safe to coat earring wire with clear nail polish to prevent them from turning your ear green?
Have you tried using a different metal for your earwires – one that doesn’t turn your skin green? Thanks so much I just realized after all these years I can wear the cheap brass ear wires but wondered why the recommended hypo allergenic gold plated surgical steel always make my ears itch!
Absolutely love your site and appreciate all your posts and everyone else’s contributions. Get every strategy and secret I've learned from years of selling my handmade jewelry at shows.

Copyright © 2003-2016, Rena Klingenberg (or guest author named in article byline), and may not be reproduced without author's permission. Likely, your wire will have been spooled when you purchased it and this is one of those rare moments when that actually works to your advantage. Find the general center of your wire and line that up with the mandrel or round object you’ll be using.
Put gentle pressure on both sides of the wire as you begin to shape it around your mandrel.
As the two ends begin to meet one another, press a tiny bit harder on the end with no loop. Using your needle-nose pliers, form a small circle (as close to the same size as your original one), so the filed end meets the neck of the teardrop. Repeat Steps 1-9, making sure that you use the same spot on your mandrel and pliers so you’ll have a matching pair. 2.) Measure the opening of your frame and cut out a piece of screen door fabric accordingly. 3.) Once you have your screen door fabric, stretch tightly across the back of the frame and insert staples into the frame one inch apart. Here’s a quick guide to the recommended metals and wire gauges for pierced earring findings. But a few folks (like me) find that 20 gauge wire is slightly too large to fit comfortably through their ear piercings. So do let people know when your earrings contain gold or goldfill, just in case they have a known sensitivity to it. However, although the remaining 7.5% of this metal is usually copper, it sometimes also includes nickel. But if youa€™re interested in doing that, contact the manufacturer first and ask whether they recommend their colored craft wires for use in piercings.
The Sterling Silver that is Argentium Sterling Silver has been compounded without the copper. I love Copper colored Niobium ear wires as a substitute for Copper when I am making jewelry that uses copper parts and dangles. I’ve searched all over (wire and jewelry books included) for the info about allergies and gauges.
It is chemically inert, available in a shiny (looking very much like sterling) or matte finish, and is tarnish resistant.
I decided to turn some of my knitted items into jewelry and have been looking for instructions on what kind of earhooks to buy (I have allergies, so this is of particular interest to me) and you answered ALL of my questions! I’m allergic to everything on the list in my ears except for pure silver and surgical stainless steel. They’re an easy way to upgrade almost any outfit, and they also make wonderful gifts. These will end up being smack dab in the middle of the finished piece and, for the detail-oriented, can be quite an eyesore. Note what direction the curve swoops and imagine that being the inner diameter of your hoop. Square wire is one of my favorites and 14K gold fill is an all-around crowd-pleaser, but you might want to try craft wire or copper until you’ve got this nailed.

Insert the staples as close to the frame opening as possible, as this will help keep the fabric taut. To hang your earring holder, it is best to attach small sawtooth hangers to the frame, especially if it’s large and heavy.
My partner has been saving up for a platinum engagement ring for me but it looks like there might be better and cheaper options now!
I almost started going around with a set of wires to measure piercings of all my friends (my own ear has 10mm plug and doesn’t react to anything so not much use of it in this case). I am fascinated with the jewelry made by the women of certain tribes, such as the Himba and the Maasai, and have seen many photos of women of various tribes wearing simple beaded earrings that appear to be strung on cord or string and then just tied through the ear. You want to make this fit as soon as you can so that you don’t get extra bending in your wire.
Dead soft forms super easy but bends out of shape super easy too… You should consider hardening any wire you work with to help it maintain its shape before you are done. With that said, I just poked one very, very small hole in the center of my fabric and used a small nail to hang my earring holder. Not sure if I can post a picture here to show you what I mean…but I’m wondering if you could suggest some type of thin cord that could be used to recreate these that would not irritate the ears and could tie into a knot easily? Now, using your needle-nose pliers, make a small circle backwards so it ends perpendicular to your original curve. If you form your hoop around the larger part of the mandrel, you’ll have a wider, more circular shape.
I happened to have this old frame laying around the house, and that’s why I chose it.
As for my inspiration for these handy earring holder frames, my dear friend Kristen thought them up when we were in college. Aluminum ( which we use exclusively ) is very good and I have not found anyone yet who is allergic.
These are being made for a friend who will not be removing them for a while; she understands she will probably have to cut the knot in order to remove them eventually. Once you acquire this essential jewelry making skill, the options for customization are truly endless! I would do some google searches to familiarize yourself with the types of wire when you have some time.
One important thing to note: you will be using a staple gun to adhere the screen door fabric to the frame, so make sure your frame is sturdy enough to stand-up against a staple gun. Anyway, thought it may be worth a shot for some of you, so you aren’t forced to expensive jewelry, simply because our skin is stuck up. This item can be mounted on the wall or be put together & placed on a table The stand is constructed of hard wood with a black finish.

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