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These in-ear ‘phones feature an iPhone compatible remote, tangle-resistant cables, and a high-precision audio balance thanks to the advanced driver and circuitry design. You can also grab the refurbished Monster Inspiration Noise Isolating Over-Ear Headphones in black for $100 shipped from eBay. The Vaas DJ Noise Isolating Stereo Headphones features Super Bass performance that gives you the ultimate music experience.
No pair of noise-cancelling headphones offers the same sound quality as a like-priced pair of non-noise-cancelling headphones. Top 10 Best Over The Ear Headphones.Whether you live for the bass of hip-hop, groove to indie-pop, or even smooth jazz you must get your personal headphone for perfect occasions. I’ve tried other cheaper brands but if you want true quality and real noise cancellation you have to go with Bose. Listening to a good album with these is like snuggling up in a warm bed on a cold winter night.
I’ve had these headphones for about a year now and am still amazed by them when I listen to music using them. I just put some music on now and thought, wow this sounds great, so I had to come write a review even though I’ve never felt compelled to write one on anything before.
As others have noticed, they are not the best for carrying around, but they do fold up in 3 different configurations so that helps. I bought this headset a year ago at another retailer (they matched Amazon – as Amazon had the best price!) and they are still in perfect working order.
I’ve been a music lover for 20 years and have been fortunate enough to own some pretty nice audio equipment.
One complaint we hear about often is ear-bud’s cables getting tangled within backpacks. For those who can’t make disconnect-able headphones but still suffer from tangled headphone wire, we recommend proper wrapping technique for your wire, and a small carrying pouch. I hate the lousy sound that comes from most earbuds, and have rebuilt my large, over-ear headphones a couple of times.
So instead of having an attached cord to get tangled up, you now have a detachable cord to get tangled up and possibly lose? Snarky commentary above notwithstanding, this is a good build and pretty good (and cheap) passive noise canceling. The earbuds I use were cheap and have excellent sound reproduction, Philips Eargear HE205, but long out of production so I grabbed a couple extra pairs for backup, and occasionally buy cheap crap buds to steal the wire from to keep the HE205’s going. I’ve been doing this, minus the detach cord, for a few years for my family any time a set of headphones died. Agree with poster who said that if cords must be used, just learn to wrap and tie them up right. I use these on the road with devices that don’t have bluetooth, and juggling a receiver and keeping it charged is just one more headache. Over Under (the correct way) will cause more knots than over-over if uncoiled correctly, over over will not usually form knots (unless you pass an end over the coil and then through the far side creating a huge mess no matter what coiling method you use), but will severely twist your cable, over under does not twist cables at all. When you pull an end through any pair of loops it creates a knot, at a rate of one knot for every two loops, if you try to throw a cable by holding onto an end that is through the center of a cable with 20 loops you will end up with 10 knots.

In the event production business, my favorite practice is making sure the ends meet, connecting mating ends ON TOP of the wrap (not under) (if the ends mate such as XLR and Edison Power cables) and securely velcroing the cable. I have a pair of Depthmaster metal detecting headphones from a while back that are this with amp circuit and independent volume controls. Today its offering the SOUL by Ludacris SL99 sound isolation in-ear headphones for $23.99 with free shipping. 40mm powerful neodymium drivers deliver outstanding sound and the padded soft cushions offer superior comfort and noise reduction in all environments. We are a bargain and offer super store aiming to provide you with the best possible prices.
Great sound quality with Noise-canceling that helps block outside audio interference so you can continue to listen to your music at comfortable levels even in a loud environment.We rounded up 10 pairs of earphones and headphones that rock.
Very accurate reproduction of the sound, no artificial emphasis on any part of the frequency range. If you’re graduating from earbuds, these are like a whole new world opening up before you. Clip the a2dp receiver to your collar or let it dangle (the earbuds hold unbelievably well). I used an old pair of headphones, a radio shack jack, and a cheapo pair of ear muffs, think I spent like 15 bucks or so all together. Bose, Phillips, even a $10 pair of B-Tek (or something like that) headphones that I bought 5 years ago all have detachable cords like this. Rebuilt a pair of ATH-M30s that a friend wore right down, out of part of the original cups, coathanger, carved wood, seatbelt and some twisted wire. I’ve been looking for way to make a decent pair of Headphones (I go through more headphones then anything else I own) Hearing Protection Muffs, why didn’t I think of that!??
These two steps mean you unvelcro and disconnect the cable, the wrap can be thrown from either end because both of them are on the outside of the wrap and not through the center. This is especially important if you are dealing with cables that you didn’t wrap yourself.
These feature noise canceling, ControlTalk with mic for calls through your headphones, and  interchangeable headbands. An adjustable headband allows you to create a custom fit with your headphones and the lightweight design allows you to enjoy your music without the feel of a bulky headset. It sounds great with Hip-Hop and R&B and even with other genres, you just have to play around with the equalizers on your music device accordingly. Nothing like Bose as far as sound quality, but good, full sound – great bass, great treble, all that. The Sony MDR-V6s are so incredibly good that I would have agreed to pay twice as much for them. The latter problem is fixed by placing speakers inside of folding ear protectors, and the cable is managed with a 3.5mm disconnect. Not saying this is a worthless hack or anything, but it’s certainly far from a novel idea.
If you are super paranoid, you can also throw the coil holding onto the ends with the ends still connected which will also lead you to have a perfectly laid cable that is still connected to itself.

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These robust headphones rest over the ear to .The Bose QuietComfort 20 is the best pair of in-ear noise-cancelling headphones.
Previously I had used a LONG extension cord and some old earbuds, but these over the ear models give far superior stereo sound, are extrememly lightweight and comfortable (and adjustable), and the battery charge lasts many, many hours. They stay in place very well, also; no worries about them flying off if you bump into something or the cord gets snagged on something. They’re better than the MDR-V600s, which I thought were good phones while they lasted. I’ve had firetrucks drive by me with sirens blazing, and not heard a god damn thing with these on.
The mesh keeps the cable in a nice compact wad and doubles as a keeper for really long cords doing short jobs.
Worked well with one headphone amp I have, a Musical Fidelity, but others such as output from a CD player headphone jack and another headphone amp, Antique Sound Labs, did not have sufficient gain to drive these phones.
The charging stand is elegant; you just drop the headphones onto it, and they begin charging through the contacts. These JVC HANC250 Noise Cancelling Headphones are the EXACT ones he picked out…which were on my list too. I can probably see them getting uncomfortable after wearing it for hours but what headphone can’t you say that about that’s affordable? I had a pair three years ago that I beat up to no end, and they only broke after I (accidentally) dealt them significant damage (the cord got clipped). It is very durable and conveniently disconnects from about an inch below the headset when needed.
I dare say I like them better than my Grados, too, mostly because I prefer the closed design and find the Sonys to be more comfortable.
I have a strange shape head and ears and find most other headphones to be very uncomfortable. They were so nice, though, I got them a second time, and I’m equally if not even more satisfied with them now! I would recommend these to anyone looking for a good durable headset with great sound and bass.
As for the pairs that I’ve owned then returned, I had a pair of Sony MDR-V700s that my wife got me for Christmas.
I then got a pair of really upscale import headphones from Bavaria, the Ultrasone HFI-550s. I have been using them at a distance of about 12 feet, but have wandered into other rooms with them without loss of signal or quality. These were great at spatializing the music, but I found that the bass response left a lot to be desired.

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