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Auritech Sleeping EarPlugs are ideal for getting a good night sleep, blocking out ambient noise from snoring partners, neighbours and traffic. An average noise reduction rating of 33dB will drown out the noisiest of neighbours, with a unique ceramic filter meaning you can still hear your alarm, waking up fresh and ready for the day. Made from a silicone-free, super-comfortable construction, these ear plugs fit snugly in your ear and will not fall out during the night. The average waiting time for this is 2-4 working days, but please allow up to 7 days for delivery to take place. This SleepStar Deluxe eye mask is your key to blocking out light and slipping off into a deep sleep. The Dreamweaver sleep mask is contoured to fit over your eyes ensuring no light can get in.
If you're looking for sleeping ear plugs, these Alpine earplugs provide optimal protection from surrounding noise and snoring. Erick has been a Deputy Sheriff with a large northern California Sheriff’s office since 1990. As far as itch in ear canal, try lubing with saline, or better yet, a Vitamin E oil, before insertion.
The only ones I can get to fit in my ears are the slightly more expensive foam versions I’m finding at Walmart for about $20. I’ve used EP5 (triple-flange, no brake), EP6 (EP3 analog) and EP7 Surefire hearing protection.

I’ve been wearing the EP5 Sonic Defender Max model under my MSA Sordin Supreme Pro Comm for over a year.
While Surefire recommends replacement at 3-6 month intervals, I have been using my current pair for more than a year with no discernible loss of protection. I keep a set of ep3 in my everyday bag in case I forget my Howard Leights when I go to the range or impromptu range trips.
I mostly shoot IPSC Rifle (with a 14,5″ AR fitted with a Henning Comp,) and as you all probably know there is a lot of obnoxiously loud (but effective) muzzle brakes used in the Open Division in which I compete whereby good earpro is a must. Ralph has a company, Comunica, that manufactures state-of-the-art electronic systems for radio communications.
To give you the highest possible levels of comfort, safety, ease-of-use and long life of your communications equipment. Today there are so many types of radio equipment on the market that we are unable to continuously stock all headsets with the suitable radio connector. For this reason, please allow us 2-3 weeks delivery time so that we can send you the headset with the right radio connector.
Our company is committed to continuously improving the safety, comfort and design of our products. Therefore we reserve the right to modify the characteristics in any way, without any prior notice.
Orders that have just been received will be set to a status of entering until a member of our dispatch team processes it.

Made out of light weight, super soft material and an adjustable velcro strap insuring it's a comfortable fit. You can leave the channel open to hear what is going on around you or you can plug the channel for the best hearing protection.
FWIW the foam model comes with a spare set of foam sleeves and suggests they should be replaced at 6 months max. I can hear movement from both game and those I hunt with, I can hear words spoken in in my direction – if they would be audible otherwise. I seem to be unable to get a good seal with the silicone baffles of those models but a foam fitting seal sounds promising!
The canal will accept earpiece tubes that work with most the portable radios in use with public safety and government. For the noise-braked plugs, I like the EP7’s best, the foam seals much better than the flanges. Took my initial pair of EP3s on deployment where aircraft noise was the primary problem and I recommend them for when electronics aren’t an option. The foam separated from the earpiece in my ear canal and it took someone else with tweezers to get it out.

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