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One of the factors is conductive hearing loss, which occurs due to a blockage such as glue ear, characterized by a build-up of fluid in the ear or having too much ear wax.
The tools on this page work well for creating calming areas in the home, classroom, or clinic. The sensitive hair cells inside the cochlea die over time, leading to sensor neural hearing loss. The result is the inability to hear consonants sounds and high frequent sounds such as children and female’s voice correctly.However, the above two causes of hearing loss occur naturally, and their effects and intensity may vary between individuals.

The main cause of hearing loss is noise induced hearing loss (NIHL), caused by loud noises.What is noise induced hearing loss (NIHL)?Almost all the time we hear sounds from people, traffics, industries, radio, and television. The zero dB marks the faintest sound that the human ear can detect.A prolonged exposure to sounds beyond 85dB can cause NIHL.
Others include those who use noisy equipment for a prolonged time such as compressed-air hammers and pneumatic drill.Another very common cause of NIHL particularly to the young people is listening to a music system through headphones at a maximum volume.
The longer you expose your ears to continuous and loud sound, the more you damage them.In addition, the closer you are to the loud sounds, the greater the damage.
WE STRIVE TO REACH THE FOLLOWING GOALS, QUALITY PRODUCTS, FAST SHIPPING, INTEGRITY, AND SERVICE AFTER THE SALE. It is the reason there are many cases of hearing problems among children and the youths due to a common habit of listening to their high volume music close to their eardrum through headphones.How can noise damage your hearing?Excessive exposure to loud noises can cause damage to hearing nerves (auditory) and the hair cells in the inner ear. INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS: SHIPPING IS FREE FOR USA ONLY YOUR SHIPPING COST INCLUDES POST AND, OUR TIME FOR DOCUMENTATION, RESTRICTED GOODS CHECKS AND OTHER PROCEDURES UNIQUE TO EACH COUNTRY. Moreover, it can cause irritability, anxiety, and mood swings, thus affecting concentration, attention and accuracy in your work.Anatomy of the human earWhat are the symptoms of NIHL?Since the ear damage caused by noise exposure develops gradually, you might not realize you have a problem until it is too late. Over time, the sound you once understood may become muffled or distorted, making it difficult to follow and understand television conversations, group discussions, or a presentation.Sometimes you may not hear common sounds such as doorbells, alarm clocks, cricket chirping or bird singing.

Pain or ringing in the ears is another common symptom especially after excessive loud sounds exposure.NIHL PreventionAvoiding exposure to loud noises is the best way to prevent NIHL. It is best to ensure that your radio, television or any other music system is not so loud (should be below 85 dB).
This precaution is vital particularly if you have young children since their hearing nerves and hair cells in their inner ear are more delicate than in adults.You should also avoid using headphones due to the closeness between the speakers and your eardrum. In addition, avoid drugs such as ototoxic like aspirins, which might contribute to the auditory nerve damage.In situations where it is impossible to avoid loud noises such as when using noisy yard equipment, power tools, and firearms, ensure you wear hearing protection devices. FEEDBACK: PLEASE CONTACT US WITH ANY ISSUES PRIOR TO LEAVING FEEDBACK OTHER THAN A POSITIVE WITH ALL 5 STARS. These examinations are especially important if you have conditions such as diabetes mellitus, atherosclerosis, iron and vitamin A deficiencies, and light skin. WE TRY VERY HARD TO MAINTAIN A HIGH SELLER RATING AND WANT YOU TO BE HAPPY WITH YOUR PURCHASE EVERY TIME!

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