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Pie Slice BoxBrown Kraft Pie Slice Boxes are so sweet for serving your homemade or store bought pies. Presentation is everything, it's all about the "look and added details" that make your gift or gathering stand out. As we stare at celebrities through the screen these days, it’s not their plump lips we’re after, nor their perfectly chiseled cheekbones. Though Sophia Vergara’s brows are the last things we’d notice (after her mermaid hair, rockin’ bod and perfect smile, of course), they’re perfect nonetheless. The secret to achieving fuller brows is simpler than you might think – just stop touching them! Spanning from the inner corner of her eyes and past the outer edge, Charlize’s ladylike brows frame her face to a tee. January’s thick brows perfectly frame her pretty blue peepers while giving her soft, feminine features an edge.

Penelope’s bold brows are the same rich, dark colour as her hair, and the result is super sexy.
There’s no denying Miranda is a natural beauty, but we have a feeling she had some help with her too-good-to-be-true brows.
Kim’s beautiful bold brows stand up against her features without competing for attention – that’s what we’d call the perfect pair! Just tuck a yummy slice of your favorite pie that's wrapped in pretty waxed or parchment paper right inside these cute little serving boxes.
We can live without their silky hair and their glowing skin – but we’ll never stop wishing for their ah-mazing eyebrows.
Her bushy set complements the Brit beauty’s heart-shaped face and draws attention to her deep brown eyes. Use the product to tame unruly hairs or simply swish the shape into place so your arches look (and stay) amazing all day long.

From Cara Delevingne’s most famous feature to Beyonce’s flawless furrow, learn how to copy the most beautiful brows in Hollywood with these insider tips. Before you know it, hairs will start growing in places you never thought possible (on your brows, that is!), leading to a perfect thick pair above your peepers. As a rule of thumb, people with lighter hair should use a brow tint that’s slightly darker than the hair on their head, while people with dark hair should go slightly lighter on their brows – but pick what suits you best.
Waxed or grease proof paper bag or parchment paper works best to keep pie juice from asorbing into your boxes.

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