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Every year, thousands of new ping pong tables hit the market and people all over the world buy them, build them, and play on them.
With so many great tables coming out this year, we decided to show off our Top 7 tables of the year as we build up to giving one table the crown. This is a beautiful table that really could have been quite high on our list, but we’ve seen very similar tables that were also incredibly clean for slightly less money. Re-imagining the ping pong table from the ground up takes some design chops and we saw a huge response to these tables on social media and in emails and comments from readers. Become A MemberWhen you become a member of Table Tennis Nation, you become part of the newest breed of table tennis enthusiasts – a modern fusion of competition and community that is taking over the country one Brawl at a time.
Darth Federer from USO a few years ago (all black outfit, with 45s service games to boot) was great, but Nadal looks great in dark outfits.

TURBO TENNIS - Ron Waite turbocharges your tennis game with tennis tips, strategic considerations, training and practice regimens, and mental mindsets and exercises. We used a combination of page views, reader comments, emails, facebook responses, tweets, and discussions at Table Tennis Nation headquarters to determine the Best ping pong of the year.
You can get a ping pong table from a wide range of stores, or even improvise one from tables you already have laying around. It has some cool technological features and plays well, but at the end of the day, the design leaves a lot to be desired.
The table plays better than any other new table this year, has a unique design, is hand crafted, and looks just as good in an art show as it does in a bar. Why not show off your design skills and create your own paddles with PaddleYou (they’re only $29 each, not $70,000).

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Tough to tell (especially considering we have to imagine that someone buying a $70,000 ping pong table has a really nice basement). The price tag is a little high and we think from a uniqueness standpoint, at least one table tops it.

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