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Note: We do not do wax removal at Auckland Hearing, we are an Audiology clinic - this list is for your information.
Before testing your hearing at Auckland Hearing we will look in your ears to check your ear canals and ear drums are healthy and free of wax.
Auckland HearingAuckland Hearing is an independent Audiology clinic operated by Audiologist, Maree O'Sullivan. Connect your FanBox to Facebook or Twitter & keep your friends updated with all your activity on FanBox.
This can push the wax further down the canal, further impacting the wax or may even push it onto the ear drum - which is very uncomfortable. Being an independent clinic means - we are not owned by a big business, so are able to choose the best solution for our clients without financial influence. Each of the clinics provided a reasonable level of technical and professional service but none helped me to understand the complexity of hearing loss and what I need to do to keep my hearing and hearing aids at best performance.
Auckland Hearing was on my doorstep so thought I would try it and see if they could help me.

They range from common infections like croup to mysterious ailments like Kawasaki disease.
At this stage we do not have an ear nurse working from our Auckland Hearing rooms.If you are an Ear Nurse Specialist and would like to work from our rooms please contact us.
If they are only partially blocked (and the wax is deep in your ear canal) we may still ask you to have it removed. Suctioning is less traumatic than syringing and has a lower risk of infection. Ear nurse specialists are trained in ear health.
Hearing aids have changed significantly over the last few years and continue to change at a great rate. The area is bordered by Point Chevalier, Avondale, Blockhouse Bay, Otahuhu, Mt Wellington, Glen Innes, The Eastern Bays and The Gulf Islands. These tubes connect the ears to the throat, and they may get blocked when a cold causes inflammation.
Childhood vaccinations help prevent infections from certain bacteria that can cause ear infections.

The medical term for glue ear is otitis media with effusion or OME, and it often follows an acute ear infection. If it lingers and threatens to interfere with a child's hearing, ear tubes may be recommended to help the fluid drain. Often caused by the same viruses as the common cold, pinkeye spreads rapidly in schools and day care centers. The culprit is human parvovirus B19, a virus that may cause mild cold-like symptoms before the rash is seen.

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