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Young adult carers in Northern Ireland were given the chance to get their voices heard in Stormont on Thursday January 28 as they took part in an event to mark the launch by Carers Trust Northern Ireland of their Time to be Heard campaign.
The campaign launch coincided with Young Carers Awareness day, a UK-wide awareness day which aims to raise awareness of the issues facing young and young adult carers.
The programme is part of the UK Time to Be Heard initiative which has been funded from monies raised by staff at the Cooperative. Young Adult Carers from across Northern Ireland attended and the event which was sponsored by John McAllister, MLA. Sean Caughey Development Manager Carers Trust NI stated “There is a gap in services in Northern Ireland and Young Adult Carers very much suffer as a result.
We were delighted to announce that Newry and Mourne carers were awarded the Diana award in Northern Ireland.
Diana Award holders come from all walks of life and many have challenging and disadvantaged backgrounds, however they have a common desire to make a difference and improve the lives of others. Due to the success of the Macmillan and Newry and Mourne Carers partnership run by Richard Black and Lorraine Murphy, a new service has been launched.
Since its launch just over a month ago, Darren Scott-Murphy (Young Carer Support Worker) has been promoting the service and has already started to receive referrals.
Newry and Mourne carers look forward to working together with Darren and wish him all the best in his new post.
Sinead Houston, Young Carers Project Manager has reently started a series of Cook-It sessions with our young carers. Volunteer Coordinator Pat Fox has kindly agreed to give a couple of talks on Timebanking and is looking new members- why not come along to one of his presentations at the centre at 17.30 on 25 March 2014 prior to the AGM at the centre- find out about the newest way to volunteer and make a difference – everyone welcome!
Northern Ireland Water provided a free information session to a group of Family Carers in the Newry & Mourne Carers centre on 31st January.
Carers Trust have commenced the Mind Your Gap programme in Northern Ireland which will see 5 support workers (1 in each of the Health Trust areas) assisting carers over 60 to get the help and support they deserve. On Tuesday 12th February 2013, our carers centre played host to Mary Hart & Kirsty Martin from Boots Pharmacy.
Simon and the guys from Slackpress recently made videos to highlight the work we do here at Newry & mourne Carers, and also to help celebrate our 25th anniversary.
We are currently looking for volunteers to take part in a bag packing day at Sainsburys, Newry, on Saturday 23rd March 2013. There will be a special Christmas service for all our Carers this Sunday 16th December at 5pm, in St. We are delighted to announce that MacMillan Cancer Support have agreed to fund the service for another year.
On Saturday 15th December, we will hold a special Christmas dinner party for our young Carers, and the Young Carers from our good friends in Roscommon. On 30th November 2012, we at Newry & Mourne Carers hosted our Silver Jubilee Gala Dinner, in Bellinis, Newry. Newry & Mourne Carers will be holding our AGM Wednesday 17th October 2012, at 10am at the Centre. If you’re a member of the Co-op, click on the link, and cast your vote for Charity of the Year. We are delighted to announce that the Chief Executive, Trustee and Director of Operations for the Carers Trust is to visit our centre on 1st November 2012 at 11.00 am.

As a carer, you can ill afford to get the flu because it would put the person you care for at risk and stop you from being able to look after them properly. The following groups of people should also be offered a flu jab •Those aged 65 years and over.
BootsWebMD is UK specific, GP reviewed health information, providing information on a wide variety of health topics. In this regard Young Adult Carers from Scotland attended to support their counterparts at the event. England, Scotland and Wales have made great in roads in relation to shaping support services for Young Adult Carers. The Diana Award is awarded to courageous, caring, compassionate young people, transforming the lives of others in the name of Diana, Princess of Wales.
We at Newry and Mourne Carers know that if young people are encouraged for their efforts, they are empowered to reach their full potential and feel confident that they can make change happen. This is a pilot service offering young people who care for someone with cancer support and advice. Darren has also been visiting organisations and schools to deliver presentations on the service and what it can offer.
Cook-it aims to promote healthy living to participants, and gives basic cooking skills to help put their knowledge into practice! This project aims to help identify and support those BME carers living in our local community. Why not come along and find out about our work and maybe even lend us a hand going forward. In the session, they offered practical information and advice on issues such as protecting water pi…pes in winter, water conservation, water for health and your water supply.
Newry & Mourne Carers are a network partner of Carers Trust and we are delighted we will be working closely with their support worker Pauline Rice – good luck in your post Pauline ! This was the initial workshop to begin our Pharmacy Health & Wellbeing project for Ethnic Minority Carers. Heres a look at one of the videos, see the rest by clicking on the Adult Carers Videos and Young Carers Videos tabs on the menu to the right! The bag-pack will raise money for all our carers services, and we need as many volunteers to help as possible.
Its a night to let the young carers let their hair down (or get it put up all fancy!) and get their gladrags on. Led by Eoin Caughey, the young carers put together the CD featuring seven inspirational songs for carers.
The project so far has identified many carers of cancer patients and has made a very significant and meaningful difference. Hard work was done on all of our songs, and a great enthusiasm was shown by our young performers. Everyone agreed it has been a trying, yet exciting year for Newry & Mourne Carers; with plenty to be positive about going forward into 2013! This is a massive endorsement for all the work that we do and we look forward to welcoing them not only to Northern Ireland but to our wee centre!
There is still time to respond – the bigger the numbers the more likely the Government will sit up and listen!

The 18 month programme will seek to enhance their life skills while raising awareness of their circumstances with employers, educational establishment and public bodies. Participants in the programme produced a video for the event highlighting the issues faced by them. Northern Ireland is substantially behind and it is hoped that this launch will highlight the need to take the concerns of Young Adult Carers seriously and be a conduit to putting meaningful support mechanisms in place. There was a large turnout for the morning and everyone left equipped with a goody bag containing useful phone numbers and a range of gadgets for their homes.
If you are free, and can spare as little as one hour, please get in touch with Lorraine or Sinead at the centre and put your name down. We are extremely humbled by the generosity shown by Aisling & Berenice from Berling, and wish to express our sincere gratitude for the amazing ?1,500 raised for us. The service will be led by our chaplains, Reverend Kingsley Sutton & Father Stephen Tumilty. The CD is on sale now priced at just ?5, in the Centre, and also in Sainsburys and other outlets throughout Newry & Mourne. The NI Census has recorded an increase of 28,000 family carers in Northern Ireland and many of these will be looking after loved ones with cancer. Special thanks to our guest speakers on the night, and to everyone who helped to make it all possible.
You should explain your concerns for the welfare of the person you’re looking after if you should fall ill and your GP will decide whether you need a flu jab based on this information. If you have health problems of your own, your GP should check to see if you fall into one of these groups.
If you or anyone could benefit from these classes, why not give us a call on 028 302 67015 to arrange your place in the class. We anticipate that this project will be open to carers from an Ethnic Minority background in March 2013. To get your copy, drop into the centre, or keep an eye out for our special display in Sainsburys when you do your Christmas shopping! Many thanks to all involved in the organising – particularly Sinead who works very hard every year to make the formal happen! We would really like to have as much help on the night as possible so please please come and help- new visitors and carers are extremely welcome- if you havent been to our centre why not make a point of calling! It is worth noting that all funds raised in this way will go directly towards respite and activities for our carers and is not used towards our running costs.
Please show your support and come along to join in prayer that all our carers have a happy, holy and healthy Christmas. So we appeal to all our carers members- please come and help us at activities like this and help us to help you!New members and volunteers always welcome!

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