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Some horses appear to beA  unusually touchy, angry, dangerous, nervous, pig headed, stubborn, left or right handed, stiff, poorly gaited etc.
This rule basically suggests that a€?manya€™ and in fact in my experience with horses a€?mosta€™ altered behaviours have a physical root cause!A  It is obviously important to follow this rule because most physical causes are a€?treatablea€™ whilst attempts at treating psychological disorders can be less rewarding .
Let us now take a closer look at some of the altered behaviours of our equine friends and explore the possible physical causes of these. 1) Races well in Sydney (clockwise) but doesna€™t handle Melbourne tracks (anticlockwise) the reverse too well .
TREATMENT:- A respiratory workup, followed by appropriate surgery and rehabilitation protocols.
TREATMENT - Sweating has been reduced in some cases where the condition has not progressed to a€?non-sweatinga€™. As much as these are a€? learneda€™ habits often associated with boxed horses and boredom, their frequency & intensity are very often increased in horses suffering from other physically abnormal conditions. Aside from the odd case of a€?ear mitea€™ these are most often a€?hyper-responsivea€™ cases involving NP triggered by trauma to upper cervical joint complexes. TREATMENT :- several medical, sunglasses, and a positive response in some early cases to CVMUA. Horses with breathing problems are almost always worse on heavy tracks as more muscular effort goes into limb control and less into breathing control. If lameness workups are negative or lameness treatment is unsuccessful then you should always consider NP. Horses with pharyngeal breathing problems often cheat by taking a little a€?emergency aira€™ through their mouths ( mouth breathe) during exercise. Could be just a horse with speed and no stamina, but you should always try to eliminate breathing problems. Skin blood supply ( nutrient supply) is under the control of the sympathetic nervous system which is also involved in the neuropathic pain NP cycle.
TREATMENT:-A  have the horse examined for gastric ulceration and then if significant treat with appropriate medication.
As the great Horatio Hayes wrote this problem is more often the fault of the limb that doesna€™t remove itself in time rather than that of the striking hoof. There are many causes including poor racing surfaces and ill health but also occurs at with some horses that suffer from LCH of the forelimbs.
Poor or reduced nutrient blood supply to laminar tissues of hoof means minimal growth rates and poor quality horn.
As stated before most choke ( pharyngeal collapse and displacement of the soft palate) occurs when the horse is asked for maximum effort or stride and thence head and neck are extended. In the simplest terms neuropathic pain (NP) unlike orthopaedic pain ( joint, tendon ligament) is not an inflammatory condition and therefore will not respond to anti-inflammatory medication like bute!
A combination of severe gastric ulceration and pre race apprehension can occasionally lead to colic.
Some throat coughs ( not a€?deepa€™ chest coughing) are due to the irritation that occurs when a horses palate displaces out of sequence.
The likelihood of a horses airway collapsing increases proportionately with the pressure applied to the airways.
Research over the last 20 years has revealed that many of the altered behaviours that were previously thought of simply as a€?bad habitsa€™ are in fact symptoms of physical problems and not psychological.
NOTE-The appropriate person should be an equine veterinarian who has had enough experience dealing with problems in these specific areas.
In conclusion - there are some abnormal behaviours which are purely environmental but the vast majority have physical abnormalities triggering them. Chase Ergonomics is a leading manufacturer of repetitive strain and injury products helping to prevent injuries to the back, wrist, ankles, knees, and elbows. It is our belief that studies favorable to back supports, which caused OSHA to reverse its former position on the efficacy of back belts, have had and will continue to have a major influence on federal and state ergonomic policy.
The support should be worn over the first layer of clothing--such as a shirt or t-shirt--but not over a vest or jacket. Separate the wide elastic cinch straps from the primary belt, which is the wide inside belt. Adjust the shoulder straps so the support hangs loosely at the level where it will be worn. Pull both sides of the primary belt around the body and pull the right side past the center.
For a heavy lift, use the TRIPLE LOCK: Undo the cinch straps and pull the left strap past the middle, then overlap the right one for a much tighter fit. Positive vertical locking system achieved through two-way-stretch binding and rubberized interior stay pockets. The Iowa Spine Research center of the Biomedical Engineering Department at the University of Iowa and patent co-applicant Chase Ergonomics, Inc.
The breakthrough discovery used in creating this support is a new understanding of how the human body reacts to sudden, unexpected events (accidents) which result in applied loading (stress) to the lumbar spine.
This chart compares our exclusive Gelfom composite material to other materials currently sold as anti-vibration material.
Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS) affects millions of workers worldwide who use electric, gas and pneumatic power tools or stationary tools that transmit vibration through something the worker must hold. These workers are found in virtually every industrial classification but especially in manufacturing, mining and construction. Believing that a material could be developed to meet any testing standard applied to vibration reduction materials - including Europe's EN ISO 10819 - Chase Ergonomics, Inc.
Among the specified conditions in the standards are the gripping force, feed force, room temperature, humidity, conditioning of gloves, fitting of gloves, test period, posture of the test subject and vibration signals being measured. Versatile protection from various vibration frequencies encountered when using power hand tools. Full finger style features fluted fingers, tailored cut for full range of motion without fatigue. Sturdy, comfortable premium series offers protection from electric, pneumatic, gas and hydraulic power tool vibration. Sturdy, comfortable premium series glove offers protection from electric, pneumatic, gas and hydraulic power tool vibration.
Protects from harmful vibration to the hand and arm associated with power tool use and bench grinding applications. Developed in collaboration with a leading aircraft manufacturer for specific dexterity needs of riveters. What this means to workers using impact-type tools on a daily basis is superior protection from injury in a variety of applications. In contact-stress applications, Gelpact offers a new level of comfort for personnel facing extended periods of surface contact, such as keyboard users, warehouse workers and glass or lumber handlers.
Tradewinds™ 100% open cell breathable neoprene construction allows for snug, secure fit without excessive heat buildup. Molded hard-shell polymer knuckle cage helps protect vulnerable top of the hand from impact, cut and abrasion injuries.
Gelpact® palm padding features clinically-proven shock and impact force reduction over sensitive areas of the palm. GripStrip handle wrap features textured gripping surface and a full length Gelpact (TM) pad. Ideal daytime support for person who successfully wears the Decade Splint Wrist Brace while sleeping. Spiral stays encourage neutral position while special elastic conforms to the wrist for a secure fit.

Spiral stays under wrist encourage neutral position, while special elastic conforms support to wrist.
Dual tension support stays above the wrist give broader area of compression, greater restriction of wrist movement. Constructed of Tradewinds™ open-cell, breathable neoprene for superior comfort in warm weather or under clothing. Designed for constant or chronic wrist problems, particularly for those who describe their problem as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Gentle ambidextrous support with full-fashion shaping and thumbhole to maintain correct position over back of hand and half palm.
Adjustable moderate support, keeps wrist in neutral position, for sprains, strains, minor complaints. Constructed of BGS exclusive Tradewinds™ open-cell neoprene, which breathes and stays comfy in hot, humid weather or under clothing. 2" wide adjustable strap compresses below the elbow, allowing healing while continuing to work.
Seamless, non-irritating circular knit and no-bunch contour fit provide comfortable, gentle support. The Supreme level dependent ear muffs protect from hazardous noise while allowing users to hear surrounding sounds. We accept the following currencies: GBP (Pound Sterling), EUR (Euros) and USD (United States Dollars).
Worldwide shipping to: UK, Ireland, Germany, Italy, China, Norway, Russia, Poland, Indonesia, India, Pakistan, Azerbaijan, Malaysia, Philippines, Kazakhstan, Nigeria, Qatar, Taiwan, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Turkey, UAE and many more. Scary Myth: The Buddhist temple is a serious place with precise rituals and strict behavior at all times. Wat Phra Nonjaksi is an ancient temple located about 2 hours north of Bangkok near Sing Buri.
If anyone is to be consulted ( professional person) it would seem logical to call in an equine psychiatrist. Horses being such large animals are often best treated under anaesthetic using a method referred to as a CVMUA ( cervical vertebral mobilisation under anaesthetic.).
When in will lean back attempting to get out the back ( not the front) - This horse is anticipatingA  a a€?bad experiencea€™ quite possibly some form of asphyxiation or asthmatic type sensation, that is a a€?respiratory or a€?breathing problema€™.
Increased sensitivity means that when you leg up a 52 kg rider the horse senses a 520 kg rider and responds accordingly. Walkers have quit walking once they were able to breathe properly &A  treatment for NP can reduce there propensity to weave. In addition a significant percentage dona€™t make any noise and are therefore not being considered for a€?breathing problema€™ workups. They are actually still breathing but inefficiently so they will eventually stop as if shot. If on the inside of horses may appear not to try until they end up out the back and then suddenly pick up the bit and charge home down the extreme outside. As much as these are asthmatic type horses they can often be helped by reducing the pressure on lungs by improving upper airway supply. Horse shifts try to transfer weight off fore quarters onto hinds when working to relieve pressure on sensitive fore feet. Health Test - Healthy hoof will wear aluminium's away whilst poor hoof is the opposite a€?shoe wears it downa€™ particularly in the heal area.
What is less well understood is why certain individuals seem to be more prone to suffering from this condition.
If a horse is concerned about the possible consequences of extension then it wona€™t and will more likely adopt a shorter stride and head neck lift position. If there is a poor or nil response to anti-inflammatory medication then start thinking NP!! Horses with LCH ( laminar corial hypersensitivity) will often try to avoid this then more a€?painfula€™ gait. Should also check for a throat condition that allows air to fill the stomach during exercise.
You might be surprised how much weight horses will put on once breathing problems are dealt with. Because of the increasing complexity of different areas of veterinary medicine and surgery we are seeing more and more veterinarians concentrating on specific areas. Many horses with breathing problems DON'T MAKE NOISES and SCOPE NORMALLYa€™ ( standing scope). A horseman's approach to training is along the lines of the better the horse feels the better it will run.A  Horsemen believe that altered behaviour is the horses means of communicating concern. Personally I have found that they are out there but are usually quiet individuals who dona€™t seek the attention of the press. These web pages have been designed to provide you with educational information pertaining to repetitive strain, vibration and shock impact protection. The plain fact is that no approach to reducing back injury, thus far, that did not include use of back supports, has shown significant success in reducing this cost.Back belts have been recognized as personal protective equipment (PPE) by OSHA. Click here to read Chase President Gary Shumate's comments on the overturning of the OSHA standard. One study has shown that, during such events, the strong back muscles can over-contract by as much as 70%. Vibration reducing Decade brand gloves with Gelfom have been tested and certified in Europe to meet strict standards set there for worker protection. Long-haul drivers, heavy equipment operators or persons driving various utility vehicles also risk developing these disorders. As the use of vibrating equipment has increased in recent years, so has the incidence of various HAVS disorders. The EN ISO 10819 standard details the testing methods to be used ad the results that must be achieved by a glove claiming anti-vibration properties. Full fingered glove meets EN ISO 10819 anti-vibration glove standard, also marked CE DK-0200-C.352. Wrist support styles are preferred for heavier tool use or if sprains or carpal tunnel syndrome are present. Independent lab testing by Ingemansson Technology AB -- Europe's leading consultants in acoustics, noise and vibration -- verifies the superior performance of this versatile material. Chart 1 reveals the superior force-reducing capabilities of Gelpact when 'excited' by a sharp blow, such as in hammer use.
Two piece ambidextrous wrist support has removable 4" wraparound strap to allow placement of an immobilizing pad on the front or back of the wrist. By wearing Supreme ear muffs you can communicate face-to-face as well as hearing commands and instructions without removing the hearing protector, even when others are shooting.
The fully-waterproof unit is the optimal choice for hearing protection when the situation is tense, featuring high amplification and two separate, well-shielded microphones that provide optimum stereo effect and location of sound direction. The unit allows a user to engage in clear verbal communication while still hearing warning signals, alarms and other important sounds. The unit uses its electronic system to amplify a weak signal, and also features an AUX input for connection to MP3 or com radio. Both Thai and foreign tourists come to see the Buddha statues and treasures on display and take pictures. Many Thai come from all around to pay respect to Buddha and venerable monks represented here.
We will be staying behind the main temple buildings on the other side of a large pond (read "bring mosquito repellant").

Again, padded mats and pillows will be provided along with mosquito netting, since this area has no screens. The temple complex is tiled and you are expected to remove your shoes before stepping onto the tile. The wai is the traditional Thai greeting made by holding your hands together as in prayer and bringing them up to you face with a slight nod of the head.
Monks take a vow of chasity and it is traditional for monks to avoid touching women (all monks are male). It is considered rude to direct the soles of your feet at the Buddha statue or towards another person.
Think about someone asking you to enter their private pool where they had tried to drown you the week before. The same horse is often described as having a€?shouldera€™ and or foot problems and is a a€?short stridera€™. They are often short gaited and may also have poor hoof wall texture which leads to increased wear. 90% of a horses spinal mobility or range of movement (ROM) is in its neck ( cervical vertebral joints).
May also have a tendency to pull in work = try to get it over with a€?the sooner the bettera€™. They are actually holding their upper airways or throat open ( increased muscle tension) in an attempt to try and prevent it collapsing and thence a€?chokinga€™. This is often because they are anxious to a€?get it over witha€™ and end up using up too much fuel too quickly. Reduced cervical or neck mobility means reduced shoulder mobility and reduced fore limb gait.
Horses with increased base levels of corial sensitivity are more likely to suffer from this condition. Passing gases at the other end could reduce the increased intra abdominal pressures caused by swallowing air.
Treadmill scoping ( at exercise) will expose more of these silent breathing problems BUT NOT ALL!
In addition, the Iowa studies documented less fatigue in subjects wearing the Accupressure back support.
Our full-finger gloves are all CE-marked as meeting the European AV glove standard EN ISO 10819.
Vibration exposure can result in circulatory and nerve damagge that is painful and long-lasting.
When sponge or foam materials were incorporated in gloves, they proved to be inefficient at damping vibration.
This new multi-part vibration-reducing pad was tested extensively in an independent European testing lab enabling it to be EC-certified for its unique ability to reduce harmful vibration frequencies to levels specified in the ISO standard.
Protects workers using pistol grip tools in confined spaces or when surrounded by hard surfaces. With only 45% of the impact force reaching the hands, the worker can feel the effect of using a Gelpact-equipped glove liner.
This enormous statue is covered in gold and is thought to pre-date Ayutthaya, sometime in the 11th century. The typical Thai will approach a statue of Buddha or a revered monk and kneel with hands folded into a wai. The forest is full of wildlife and, while it poses no danger, the night creatures produce a pretty loud cacaphony. Signs indicate the most important procedures, such as removing your shoes in certain areas. There is all sorts of subtlety regarding how high the fingers go and how low you bow your head.
If a female wants to give something to a monk, place it in front of him or on the cloth or dish he presents. You can't always point your feet away from others, especially in a group, but try not to stick your soles in the air towards people. NOTE ill-fitting saddles and poor riders can exacerbate the problem but they are not the cause. These horses will try to avoid stretching out their necks and will thus climb, drop their hind quarters and not swim efficiently. These horses if taken to a hot humid climate will often progress to a€?non-sweatinga€™ as sweat glands fatigue due to being constantly overworked.
Interestingly as much as these horses are a type, similar to human asthmatics, it does appear that upper airways problems are often the trigger for these attacks. The harder the work load, the more they mouth breathe and the more they contaminate their lungs. Laminitis can not always be avoided but returning laminar corial sensitivities to normal or near normal will reduce the likelihood.
As with all services these days it is up to you to explore and investigate the possibilities. The shoulder straps should not be so loose that they hang away from the body and possibly be tangled in equipment.
The development of HAVS may be gradual or a person may begin to feel tingling or numbness of the fingers within a few weeks. Visco-elastic materials perform better but are still shown to be relatively inefficient in testing--in some cases even amplifying vibration through human resonance. The difference that workers do not feel is demonstrated in Chart 2, where Gelpact dramatically reduces the transmissibility of forces at higher frequencies. One speaker is connected to the level dependent system and the other is directly connected to the external radio communication. At 0600 each morning, the head monk will be conducting a walking meditation for our group around the temple grounds.
These horses suffer from loss of ROM ( range of movement) and often experience pain when they try to bend. We will have some free time and then regroup for an afternoon session. The monks only eat twice a day and before noon, so we will break for sightseeing and dinner in the evening before coming back to the temple each night. You are a welcome guest at the temple and I can assure you that the monks are eager and excited to meet you!
If your horse is having trouble jumping have a spinal examination performed to see if there is any evidence of stiffness ( reduced ROM) and or NP.
The monks will eat on the floor in the Thai tradition, but they have an adjacent room set aside for us with tables and chairs. Slip-ups are bound to happen, an accidental brush-up or an inadvertant extended hand is not the end of the world.
It is an amusing contrast to see the Thai display sincere humility and respect, then pop up for a cell-phone selfie with the Buddha!
Those of you who gave us measurements will have super-cool and super-appropriate temple wear, handmade from a little shop in Pua.
Honest mistakes are quickly forgiven, but women should try to avoid these situations altogether by keeping a distance.

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