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These quick and achievable earrings are designed to teach you two threadwork techniques (using beading needle and thread). Since the holiday season is approaching, so are parties that might give you the chance to get all dressed up.
These simple earrings have an intriguing shape, different from the standard triangles and diamonds, but just as simple to make. You can find my brick stitch tutorial here, and I have a brick stitch earring e-book available in Kindle format here which includes instructions for doing brick stitched earrings. You will use brick stitch to create a triangle, then add fringing to mirror this shape and complete the look with small drop beads or crystals.
I prefer wearing jewelry I've made to such things, and as much as I may love my cute little penguin earrings, they aren't really appropriate for dressy events.

The shape comes from using different bead counts on the rows, one row with one bead, and the next with two beads that are worked as one unit. So the two bead rows are done the same way a one bead row would be done, except you're adding 2 beads at a time instead of adding just one bead. Silver lined colors are an excellent option for dressy occasions because they are so shiny. This is a great beginners project for stitching using a Brick Stitch that produces some fantastic results.
I connected the separate pieces of my earrings with a fine silver chain, 3 links to connect the bottom to the top of the earring, and a single link to connect the earring to the earring wire. If you're using gold beads, you could use a gold filled chain and gold filled earring wires.

I learned from thin book that I have since lost track of, but I got hooked and made every pattern in multiple colors.
In colors for your favorite sports teams or school colors, they are less dressy and show team spirit.
I’m starting to see them in retail stores, and thought it would be fun to create a cute design and share the tutorial. They stitch up very quickly as well which makes them a good choice for those last minute things or last minute gifts.

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