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Fancy colored diamonds come in all different shapes and colors, from pinks and reds to yellows, greens, blues and even browns (also known as chocolate diamonds). As mentioned previously, chocolate diamonds are less expensive than white, colorless diamonds with an added bonus of having wide color ranges.
For an especially beautiful pair of earrings, a mix of chocolate and white diamonds are a popular option, and range from simple and understated diamond stud earrings to ornate chandelier styles. With this beautiful color of diamond gaining popularity, most large jewelry stores will carry a variety of chocolate diamonds in all the latest styles.

These beautiful stones have a wide array of color hues, are becoming more popular and are more affordable than many other types of diamonds. In fact,  depending on the intensity of color, chocolate diamonds may also be marketed as champagne, cognac or honey.
From a design perspective, chocolate diamonds  look especially stunning when set with white diamonds in earrings.
All warm colored diamonds in the chocolate range trend for fall wardrobes and are a hit with the celebrities.

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