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The British Tinnitus Association (BTA) is a world leader, with a trained team of friendly and experienced advisers for anyone who experiences tinnitus or those simply seeking guidance or information about the condition.
Whether you are an audiologist, hearing therapist, GP or hearing aid dispenser, find resources for helping people with tinnitus here. The Paediatric Audiology Interest Group (PAIG) of the British Society of Audiology (BSA), supported by the BTA, has developed Practice Guidance for working with children with tinnitus. The BTA and other professional associations organise a number of different events designed to inform and educate people and help them or their patients manage their tinnitus. Promoting yourself or your business as a BTA member sends a clear message to the tinnitus community that you are committed and dedicated to helping those affected by the condition. Find helpful information about tinnitus here, including downloadable factsheets and useful websites. Recent books dealing with tinnitus have been reviewed by members of our Professional Advisers' Committee. News affecting the tinnitus community which is of especial relevance and interest to professionals working in the field.
For reasons of health and hygiene, these items are excluded from our 28 day money back guarantee. This information has been written to help you understand more about the effect of loud music on your hearing, and how you can protect yourself, reducing the risk of hearing damage and tinnitus. Music and tinnitus have been unhappy bedfellows ever since the first time music was amplified, and the number of people suffering will increase and keep on increasing, whilst our ears get battered more and more by mp3 players, mobile phones, and speakers in our daily lives. Never has there been a need for more research, so we can better understand the condition and therefore get closer to finding a cure. Because of loud sound levels and frequent exposure to noise, musicians can develop hearing problems such as tinnitus and hearing loss. If you are an employed musician, the Control of Noise at Work Regulations (2005), which implemented the EU Physical Agents Directive (Noise) in the UK, made employers responsible for the assessment, management and reduction of noise in the workplace, including the provision, where appropriate, of suitable hearing protection.
The risk to hearing from noise at work is dependent on the sound intensity (acoustic power). Our leaflet Noise and the ear discusses noise dosage, identifying loud noise and the consequences of noise exposure in more detail. Reducing the level of sound reaching the musician’s ear, whilst still providing a realistic listening environment, is the best way forward for most people. Some people will develop permanent noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) at moderate noise levels whilst others will not.
Whilst there are a number of generic earplugs available are aimed at musicians (and stocked by the BTA), customised earplugs may provide a higher level of protection as well as better fidelity of sound. A number of companies manufacture specialist hearing protectors and in-the-ear monitors for musicians.

A decent amplifier or instrument can cost a considerable amount, so spending a smaller sum protecting your hearing, without impeding your playing too much, seems a reasonable outlay.
If you wish to find out more about musicians’ earplugs the best option is to discuss your requirements with a qualified audiologist. As the impact of noise or loud levels of sound on the ear is accumulative, do not forget that there are a variety of other sources of noise or loud sounds that may need to be taken into account when considering the level of noise to which you are exposed.
A good source of information for musicians is the US charity HEAR (Hearing Education and Awareness for Rockers). This information has been produced by the BTA and conforms to the Principles and Requirements of the Information Standard. Features:a?“ GET TINNITUS RELIEF - Naturally Help To Lesson Or Even Stop Ringing In The Ears.
Download our free Bedphones Music Controller App to shut your music automatically when you fall asleep. ETY•Kids earphones offer a high level of protection against excessive noise exposure from headphone listening. By controlling earphone sensitivity, it is not necessary to restrict the volume setting on the player.
We will continue to work on some amazing ideas to raise awareness and funds for the BTA as we consider that continually communicating, and offering useful information, is vital if we are to improve understanding and help those with tinnitus to live with the condition, if it can’t be made better. You can continue with your music by using the right kind of hearing protection, which reduces the sound levels to which you are exposed without unduly affecting your listening sound quality. There are various reasons for this – for example, the risk of hearing damage, post-exposure tinnitus and loudness discomfort.
The music and entertainment industry was allowed a three-year period before the Regulations became effective in 2008. The safe exposure limit is calculated from a combination of exposure time and sound intensity. A suitably chosen and correctly fitted flat attenuation earplug can be an effective solution, maintaining musical fidelity.
Susceptibility to NIHL is predictable, so it is not possible to say whether an individual is at risk just by taking a hearing test.
Effective earplugs will reduce the overall level of sound whilst maintaining an even balance across the sound spectrum.
Those who use firearms, motor cycles, power tools or other devices that produce loud levels of sound should protect their ears when doing so. The production and distribution of this leaflet is subsidised by kind donations from our supporters.
Our patented on-ear design lies so flat, Bedphones practically disappear between your ears and the pillow, helping you fall asleep fasterOur earhooks are made from gentle, rubber-coated memory wire, INFINITELY ADJUSTABLE for a custom fit.

Add our optional in-line microphone with single-buttom remote to answer phone calls, play, pause, and skip music tracks without touching your phone. However, when purchasing membership at the same time as products, the members price will apply.
Reducing the noise level by only three decibels would allow a doubling of the exposure time, but this is not feasible for performances as controlling playing time is not really a very effective way of managing a musician’s noise exposure. In some cases, screens and sound absorbing surfaces can also play a part in managing noise exposure.
Saying “I have tough ears” is not a sensible approach to protecting your long-term hearing! This means that you can still hear everything clearly, although the overall sound level is reduced. In the latter devices, the sound level at the ear may be controlled by a level-dependent amplifier and the frequency response of the system can be tailored to suit the wearer’s audiogram. Wear the cable down your back and tighten with the cable slider to keep Bedphones secure all nightBedphones are the PERFECT TRAVEL HEADPHONES. The greater the number of decibels (dBs) of attenuation by the ear plugs, the better overall protection they offer. These ear plugs may also be used by anyone who wishes to reduce the sound levels to which they are exposed without having muffled or distorted hearing. For example, musicians’ earplugs are not suitable for someone who wishes to use a shotgun. Lipoflavanoid, Tinnifree, arches tinnitus formula and Sonavil cannot compare and include mostly "fluff ingredients".
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We truly believe in our product, and know how effective it can be for tinnitus relief when used properly.

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