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Linchpin Dong-soo is down by the river, trying to work up the courage to talk to Eun-jo, but he hides when he sees Hyo-sun coming, and witnesses the sisters’ continued fight.
They roll around, yelling insults, yanking hair, and at one point Hyo-sun stops, noticing Eun-jo’s bleeding lip. Hyo-sun comes home crying at the top of her lungs, and this is why Eun-jo hates her—because she commands sole attention without even thinking about it.
Kang-sook is in the middle of a phone call (from the drunken ajusshi, presumably) and she hangs up and rushes over to Hyo-sun, consoling her.
Ki-hoon brings Eun-jo to their wine cellar and paces around her going, “You…what kind of kid…your head is a rock, isn’t it?
Ki-hoon leaves to go get her medicine, and when she’s alone, Eun-jo hears a faint bubbling noise. Then in a little bit of the show’s patented whimsy, Eun-jo imagines herself and Ki-hoon floating away in a giant makgulli bubble, headed for the moon. Later that night Dae-sung feels terrible for the extent to which he punished Eun-jo, and comes into her room while she’s sleeping to tend to her wounds. He beams from ear to ear, even trying to contain his laughter when she death-rays him with her eyes, but he can’t help but find her adorable. He goes into his room to grab the package that he received yesterday from the woman in question. She doesn’t even turn around to see his puppy face, all you’re-not-going-to-pass-me-up-for-that-pre-pubescent-kid-are-you?
The girls get ready for school, and Hyo-sun asks Eun-jo to pretend that they’re getting along in front of the parents in order to get their separate rooms. Ki-hoon is busy studying Spanish, talking aloud to his computer that his student is such a quick study that he has to study extra hard just to keep up. Later that day he has a visitor, and it turns out that the thug from the second episode really IS his half-brother. Second brother, Hong Ki-tae, drives Ki-hoon somewhere, and recounts going with Dad to visit Ki-hoon and his mom at their house when they were kids. Kang-sook returns home late that night, from nobody knows where, and Dae-sung is out waiting for her, hoping that she’ll explain herself.
Ki-tae drops off Ki-hoon at an office complex, where his evil stepmother and her lawyer are waiting for him with the contract to sign over his inheritance (including the all-important shares of the family company). She scoffs, and offers to add another zero to the end of the sum (that they’re offering in exchange, I gather).
Ki-hoon and Eun-jo use the opportunity to make eyes at each other, but this time Ki-hoon looks at her sadly and longingly.
At school Eun-jo is presented with the First Place Academic award, while at the same time Hyo-sun has just completed her dance competition and done very poorly.
Eun-jo practically runs home with her award on her back, excited to show her family, or perhaps at least Dad, who despite his sternness has always supported her academically. Ki-hoon wants to give her a present for the good job she’s done, so he brings her to his room and gives her one of the contents from his favorite stuff collection.
Eun-jo gets up to leave, and when she opens the door, Hyo-sun is looming just outside, sulking.
The next morning, Dae-sung greets Eun-jo outside, and she tells him that one of the jars of makgulli in the cellar is ruined.
It is achingly beautiful and although a heartrending moment for Eun-jo, it is, in fact her breakthrough as a person. We’re in Seoul, and GU Eun-jo, as her nametag reads, is giving a presentation for her makgulli company, outlining new trends and ways to market their product, as well as their all-natural approach to production, as a way to differentiate themselves from the competition. Outside the office building, she looks across the street and sees a sign for an art exhibit, featuring Ki-hoon’s favorite artist, which he mentioned for a split second when showing her his favorite things.
She looks at the paintings, and Hyo-sun appears next to her, having come to the exhibit after hearing about it from Ki-hoon. What I love about this drama so far is that it’s epic, not in scope, but in making the tiny moments monumental.
I loved her even more for that hair, and now she’s…she just chopped it all off!!
I was going to ask Javabeans to assist in recapping this since I quite like it but I guess you and her are alternating and you guys are doing great!

I wasn’t really blown away by MGY in the first 3 episodes, I thought she overdid her aggression and cynicism.
Some gripes here and there about the flow of the story (esp with Ki Hoon leaving just like that!) and the sudden time leap.
So much can be expressed with such tiny gestures and nuances… Macro in in a micro cosmos encapsulated in Eun-jo and Ki-hoon’s world brimming with unspoken love!!!
Never posted before, but I’d like to do a bit of service for your great blog that I read ALL the time! I totally agree I wish we could have stayed a little longer in the youth and was surprised about the time jump so soon. I’m curious about how her relationship develops with the stepdad as well as the slow erosion of the stepdad and mom relationship (my guess). So here I am, distraught, needed to study but desperately wanting to know what happens next.
Girlfriday, just as you said, I love how this show takes small, little beats and draws us into their emotions.
I agree that I would have loved to have seen more of the teenage years, but the more I think about it, the more I think it’s good that they stopped it at four episodes. Hyo-sun catches up to Eun-jo and screams if this is what she wanted, pulling out a handful of Eun-jo’s hair.
She leans onto a large makgulli jar and presses her ear against it, listening to the rising bubbles.
Hyo-sun uses this as an opportunity to apologize in front of Dad (making her much more like Kang-sook and speaks to their mutual kinship), and she has to prod Eun-jo to play along, kicking her under the table.
Ki-hoon tells him that Kang-sook wouldn’t let him take her all the way to the temple, insisting on taking the train there herself. I know Ki-hoon called him hyung-nim the first time, but I just didn’t think he was from the same family as the oldest brother. So we know they grew up in separate houses, for at least their childhoods, explaining the vast difference in, well, everything. Mom and Dad are present for Hyo-sun’s performance, and console her, as she is very upset not to have won first place. But she arrives home to find the entire household a rapt audience for Hyo-sun, performing a repeat dance recital (no doubt orchestrated by her enabling parents to fulfill her need for acceptance). She contains her excitement in her Eun-jo-esque way, but her eyes reveal her anticipation of Ki-hoon’s approval. Even when blood gushes from your knee, you’re unable to cry, just like stupid Hong-Ki-hoon.
Her tears come crashing down in a wave, as she lets all the years of pain and anger flow out of her like an endless ocean held in by a tiny dam. Basically she’s confident, smiling, well-spoken, and no longer the bottled-up young girl of old.
It makes mountains out of molehills, essentially drawing us into quiet character moments that become increasingly significant the longer we spend with them.
I’m sure when we see their interactions 8 years later we would be able to fill in the details ourselves but I was really liking the Eun Jo and step dad scenes. I like the two sisters fighting instead of Hyo-sun trying to be nice and Eun-jo just being rude.
I only know this because my birthday is exactly 5 months before hers and we were born in the same year. She gets ugly and mean, and human, but then when she’s light, she becomes young, fragile, and incandescent. She says that even though she may hate it here, she’ll never leave just because Hyo-sun wants her to. Mom goes straight to Eun-jo, asking her what she did this time to make Hyo-sun so upset, and yeah, is anyone confused about why Eun-jo is so angry?
Ki-hoon brings in the requested sticks, and lingers, so Dad asks if he wants to be hit too.
Dad is startled, and doesn’t know whether to keep hitting her, but he continues, as Ki-hoon and Hyo-sun watch in pain, trying to intervene on her behalf.
Ki-hoon finally can’t take it anymore (aw for the loving oppa), and stops Dae-sung and does the patented manly wrist grab, taking Eun-jo out of the room.

For whatever reason, for just a moment, the gurgling bubbles popping on the surface soothes her, and she leans in intently, as if listening for a secret message trapped inside. He says that next time she should just run away instead of getting hit, since she’s such a pro at running away. Hyo-sun sees Eun-jo’s scars on her legs, and even in their cold war, Hyo-sun gives her a pair of her new socks and runs off.
Dae-sung calls the priest on business, and asks him to send something by way of his wife, but finds out that she’s not there.
Ever quick on the uptake, Kang-sook immediately starts with the tears, making up an elaborate story about wanting to get Eun-jo some medicine for her injuries, so going to see her old herbalist, and not wanting Dae-sung to know because he’d feel guilty. She even insults his dead mother, saying that she may have given birth to him with the intention of taking half the company, but he can’t have it.
Then Ki-hoon offers to bring his lawyer next time, as he has no intention of signing over his inheritance under duress, referring to the army of suits waiting outside. Dae-sung leads a prayer ceremony to get things off on the right foot, and all are present for the big event.
The tears pour out of her small, fragile body, and she clutches her heart, as if knowing it was there for the first time.
Eun-jo’s anger, her quiet resolve, and finally her cascade of tears become revelations that plant her firmly in our hearts.
I love how so much of the action is moved along wordlessly, just by the subtle body language of MGY and the other cast — I particularly dig the relationship between Eun-jo and Ki-hoon.
Honestly, the scene where they’re fighting had me cracking up, despite the fact that it really did show how vastly different Eun-jo and Hyo-sun are (really, who stops in the middle of a fight to notice your opponent is bleeding?
Eun-jo is by far the most complex character we’ve encountered in a long time, and Moon Geun-young makes us feel every shift in her character, from the heights of her first love to the depths of her loss. He tries to tend to her wound, but she doesn’t budge, and just sits there in silence.
It’s as if her own anger and hatred has bubbled over and dissipated in the same way, rising to the top and then bursting at the surface. You did really really well!” He calls her Eun-jo ya, and tousles her hair and pats her on the head affectionately. At first Hyo-sun refuses to answer out of spite, but once their shouting brings Dad into the room, she yields, and drops the bomb…Ki-hoon has left for the army. I never really felt sorry for her when she dissed her mom or Hyo Seon in the first 3 eps, albeit knowing how much she’s been thru her rough childhood. We know Eun-jo is a hard shell to crack, and in order to see some sort of change would require years, 8 in fact as it was revealed to us. So this is as much a revelation for her as it is for Eun-jo, that she could hate this much. Ki-hoon gets frustrated, saying that if she were the type of person to listen to him, she wouldn’t be in this situation in the first place. She basks in his praise and warm affection, to the soundtrack of fermenting wine, bubbling over like the love in her heart. She cries from the depths of her soul, letting go of her tough facade and being, for one brief moment, just a young girl in love with a boy. So if we spent longer in their teenage years we would have just seen more of the same old same old and the episodes would have been fillers basically. Eun-jo’s actually taught her to get in touch with her anger (kind of like therapy in reverse).
Dae-sung repeats the same option to Eun-jo to admit fault, and this time he hesitates, perhaps not wanting to inflict any more pain on this damaged girl. I wish his grown-up version would stay pudgy and twangy, but I know that’s not going to be the case. But in here, she totally stole the show with the portrayal of her complicated and mixed feelings when faced with her father, HS and of course cutiepie Ki Hoon.

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