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Resplendent in immaculate splendour, this Nakshatra diamond Ring dazzles you with a stunning diamond of 0.08 carat set neatly in 18 karat glossy gold. Diamond Jewellery, Gold Jewellery, Silver & Fashion Jewellery, Watches, Artifacts, Gold Coins & Bars. What if the product is not available or "Out of Stock" once the order for purchase is placed and payment done?
In case of out of stock issues, customer can not change the product unless it is offered or approved by eGitanjali Ltd.

Weighing 2.72 grams, this love band expresses the pure love in your heart for your beloved. We have exquisitely designed jewellery items of all Gitanjali brands like Gili, G'Divas, D'Damas, Lucera etc.
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Comfort fit on your slender fingers, this ring boasts of luxury that guarantees admiration.

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