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During that transmission, Bruce McCandless was sitting rather firmly on Earth, serving as Capsule Communicator (aka CAPCOM, the one person who is designated to be point of verbal communication with the spacecraft). For Mission Control (in Houston, Texas) to stay in continuous contact with the astronauts as they traveled to and from the Moon, NASA used several tracking stations around the world, switching from one to the next as the planet turned.
This meant that the mute switch that controlled the Houston-to-spacecraft audio had to be located at the tracking station transmitter, and the purpose of the Quindar tones was to operate this switch remotely. In short, the Quindar tones work a bit like the button on a walkie-talkie: you push the button to speak, then release it when you are done. The modules that received these tones had a notch filter that removed the tones themselves from the Earth-to-moon transmissions. Quindar tones are named after the manufacturer of the tone generation and detection equipment, Quindar Electronics, Inc.

While Star Trek‘s original TV series (1966) predates the moon landing (1969), the Quindar tones were in use during the Gemini Program, which had flights in 1965 and 1966.
Not to go too far afield, but most of the Enterprise bridge ambience was inspired by naval bridge sounds, especially sonar pings. The Sound and the Foley celebrates those sounds everyone knows, but nobody seems to know why.
The first bit is Neil Armstrong’s famous quote, just after he became the first human to set foot upon the moon.
Each station had an Apollo Unified S-Band (USB) earth station connected to Houston with dedicated telephone lines. The same system was used in Project Gemini and were still in use with half duplex UHF Space Shuttle communications for transmitter RF switching. The difference is that the button was only on one side (Houston’s), and the button is operated by a pair of tones instead of a thumb.

Quindar Electronics is actually still around today, under the name CG Automation, in Springfield, NJ. My guess is that the United States’ fascination with the space program in the 1960s had something to do with the fact that everything on the Enterprise bridge seems to have some sort of random beeping noise. The USB system was full duplex but microphone switching was still needed to block local conversations and background noise from being transmitted. The astronauts needed only push-to-talk or VOX switching, but this was insufficient at Houston because the telephone lines connecting it to the tracking stations were analog and subject to noise and crosstalk when the channel was quiet.
If you want to see what they’ve been up to since the 1960s, there is a detailed history of the company here.

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