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Changes are other people noticed you had a problem before you did, although they probably didn't realize the problem was poor hearing.
Hearing properly requires the proper function of chain reaction of very tiny parts, all of which must work together efficiently. Because the outer and middle ear are conductive paths, any interruption or blockage of their paths may be causing a problem.
On the other side of the eardrum is the middle ear, a tiny chamber containing three bones: the malleus, incus, and stapes(or hammer, anvil and stirrup).
In short, the ear receives acoustical energy (sound waves), transforms it into mechanical energy (through the ear drum and middle ear bones), to electrical energy that generates impulses to the brain. The unusual shape of our ears enables them to catch sound waves and direct them into the ear. Sound waves collected by the pinna pass through this passageway and beat against the eardrum (much like ocean waves, but at varying frequencies), causing it to vibrate.
Problems in the inner ear with the nerve endings to the brain may be medically correctable.
The vibration of the eardrum causes these interconnected bones to vibrate in a slightly different manner, carrying the motion to the inner ear, which is filled with fluid.

It results from impairment of some of the nerves in the inner ear or along the nerve pathway to the brain.
That's all well and good, but if you really want to experience nature, don't depend just on your eyes. In most cases, the ability to hear or understand higher pitched sounds (doorbell, children's and female voices) is lost first. If you make a connection between the visual and the sound, it's much easier to remember which bird makes which noises. If you hear several birds in a concentrated area making insistent, repeated chirps, stop and check out what they're so upset about.
But we have seen many hawks this way, as well as owls, large rat snakes, and foxes.Other animal alarms. Sometimes we'll see a "flying fish" here in front of the house that stays aloft for what seems an impossibly long time.
Deer will generally freeze quietly when they first see you, giving you no aural cue to their presence. But insects were the first animal to evolve true flight, and they're still champs when it comes to maneuverability.

But if they feel more threatened, they'll snort before they run off -- usually giving you time to spot their white tails in flight. Beavers will let you know they're there as they slap the water with their tail before they duck under the water.
But you can mimic the parabolic dish of a dog's ears by cupping your a hand behind each ear and turning your head in the direction you want to focus in on.
We do this naturally when we cup a hand behind an ear when we haven't heard someone.Be quiet. If you are talking loudly with a friend, it will be harder to hear everything around you -- and many animals will run away from you entirely. We have some friends who have agreed to spend the first 10 minutes of every hike together in silence. The rest of your hike will be better for it.Do you have other ways you use your hearing to experience nature more fully?

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