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Apologies that I've not been on for a while but I had a couple of short deadlines on a couple of projects at work that required my time and stress! The Pulmonarias are doing great although they area bit small as I split them prior to planting to make more plants.
I do get quite a few Blackcap in the garden at this time of year and they eat the berries from both the honeysuckle and the Privet hedge but I haven't seen them on the winter Honeysuckle.
The beauty of wildlife in your garden and of course the interest makes all the hard work worth it doesn't it!? Cowslips self seed freely - I just dig them up from the rock garden and put them somewhere else.
I grow quite a lot of Irises although flowering later than yours and the Bumblebees always love crawling inside them! I've been in the garden all day today and the Lesser Celandine that most people pull out was absolutely covered in butterflies today!
I won't cut these back for a few more weeks as we could still get a cold snap and I would expect the birds to be down again. My greenhouse is absolutely full of wild flower seedlings as I planted loads in Autumn not expecting much from them and nearly all came through! After reading the book, we watched another version of the story on Tinga Tinga Tales Season 1. To go along with the story, we decided to make our own mosquitoes.  I had the fun idea to make some that could actually buzz! Glue two googly eyes on to your pom pom and then glue the pom pom right above the flexible part of the straw. Every month the Poppins Book Nook group will be offering readers a chance to win a brand new storybookor product that ties in with our theme for the month.

Make sure that you check out all the other world themed fun going on at the other Poppin’s Book Nook host blogs and link up your own posts too! Dusty is a work at home, homeschooling mother of four and has been married to the love of her life, a Southern gentleman, for 10 years.
Not only is the book perfect for the start of summer and all of the buzzing mosquitoes that will descend any day now, but the craft is so stinking cute!Thank you for helping to bring a spoonful of reading fun to the Poppins Book Nook this month! Dan Croll is a Liverpudlian songsmith who has appeared out of nowhere with an arsenal of killer pop songs and a unique style that’s getting tongues wagging and radio stations buzzing.
Not so long ago, Dan was convinced he’d become a professional rugby player and one day represent England on the international field. Unable to get about on a broken leg, Dan returned to an early passion, his acoustic guitar.
This weekend marked his first ever appearance at The Great Escape festival, where his flamboyant live act went down a storm.
He’s currently working on his debut album, but in the meantime new single Compliment Your Soul should provide eager fans with something to get their teeth into.
With live dates from Toronto to Skipton this summer, the Dan Croll bandwagon is sure to be pitching up in a town near you very soon (details through website link below).
Having come of musical age on a diet of James Blake, Daughter and London Grammar, singer songwriter TUSKS carries all the hallmarks of late night London. Daniel Avery cohort Kelly Lee Evans creates serene electronics imbued with deep bass and gossamer vocals.
This is the place to ask and answer questions about making your backyard wildlife-friendly. My local centre has a few of them potted so was thinking of getting a few to get some early year colour into the garden. Having said that it is at the bottom of the garden so not that visible from the house but I will keep an eye on ot now that you have said this, thanks!

They are a bit battered after the rain and high winds recently but I'll grow some more of these. They are one of my favourite plants so I'm always happy to try new varieties but do try to stick to ones that are wildlife beneficial where possible.
It was mainly Small Tortoiseshell and Peacock but I did also have a couple of Comma in today also. It's strange but even with the feeders full they still prefer the seed heads when it's icy! But a hairy on-pitch incident led to an injury that kept him in bed for more than 12 months… Cue the music.
His playful sound weaves in vibrant electronic flourishes with psychedelic guitars and genuine pop hooks, all overlaid with Dan’s dazzling harmonies. The ones we get in winter always take something from inside the flowers, presumably after the nectar. I love how the bright colours at the centre of the flowers highlight the nectar bearing area for insects.
Debut track From Nowhere first pricked ears in the blogosphere and earned him radio play across most major networks.
But there's probably enough seed in the bed to come through again as I left it till this week for insect cover.

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