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You may find more applications on the Demo Videos site.Driver test setupThe basic setup for testing single drivers comprises the Production Analyzer hardware, power amplifier, microphone(s) and a computer. To top Leak detection for large subwooferDetecting air leaks in large speaker systems with only one microphone leads to physical problems due to shadowing of high frequency leak noise. This Pyle Speaker Cable 30-foot A?" phono-male to Speakon cable was designed with the professional in mind. In most cases the DUT and the near field microphone is mounted into a test box providing some protection against ambient noise. Internal switches allow to test the system channels separately as well as in combination without using external hardware.
Analog or digital (USB) interface of DUTThe first speaker multiplexers (1 out of 8) is used for selecting one or two speaker channels from the amplifier output at the subwoofer.
Locating multiple microphones around the device under test solves this problem by measuring the speaker from different sides and thus covering the whole surface.

It features a 16-gauge design with bare copper construction for durability and two conductors for efficient signal transfer.
A starting switch (robust footswitch) and temperature and humidity sensor are included as options in this setup.
The selected channels are fed via the voltage and current sensors in the production analyzer via the second multiplexer to the speakers under test. An additional far-field microphone always monitors ambient noise parallely while the measurement chamber guarantees proper ambient noise attenuation for maximal measurement sensitivity. To top Active 2.1 System with electrical and acoustical testingActive systems having internal power amplifiers are connected directly to the XLR outputs.
Thus the selection of the microphones is completely independent of the selection of the speakers.
To top Microphone test setupTesting microphones using a reference speaker and enclosure is also a straigthforward application for KLIPPEL QC.

Thanks to the complete two channel architecture of the Production Analyzer hardware the test environments can be switched automatically (speaker, microphone). Furthermore excessive harmonic distortion shall be reliably detected as well as any disturbing rattling and buzzing noises, even if operated at high level. The cycle time for production is clearly dominated by handling of DUT change which can be also automated.

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