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Let me start by saying I am a huge fan of the Taranis, to the point where I don’t think I will need to buy another radio for a very long time. A lot of good work has been done on this topic already, and from my understanding it looks like this method solves it completely – very low noise with internal and external modules, speaker and headphones, and no clicking as you adjust the volume.
He identified where the audio circuit runs by using a cool EMI scanner thing, isolating these two wires on the jumper harness. While I had the case open I decided to upgrade the tiny speaker in the hope of getting a clearer sound with more mid range. I cut off the ends to make a cone and cut out 2 ‘V’ notches so it fitted flush against the case moulding. For those who need it louder, you could try using a speaker with a higher watt rating, such as this one. I’d be interested to hear how other people get on with these mods or any other methods they try. While I am enjoying learning about all the features and functions, there was one thing spoiling it for me – the audio quality.

However, being ham-fisted with the soldering iron (and lazy) that all looked too risky and intimidating for me.
Not being an electrical genius I poked about with a kitchen knife to confirm that my radio was the same. All in all I’m very happy with the outcome, now audio quality is great and I can get on with the real stuff – flying!
I saw this solution and as I have made another one to get rid of the humming that did not eliminate it totally I thought lets give this a try. The voice alerts are a huge part of using this radio to the full and my Taranis buzzed and hummed through the speaker at a volume that I couldn’t accept.
I found that touching the knife against those two wires caused the buzz to stop almost completely. Varying the volume no longer affects the buzz either so I guess the residual EMI noise is happening before the amplifier. Finally I glued a lump of foam over the back of the speaker as I heard this improves the bass response.

I found this excellent write-up by a very smart person called Tom and decided to try his method.
Unfortunately you still get bad noise with the headphones plugged in, but I think that’s from induction into the headphone cable itself.
To avoid distortion or even blowing your speaker, set the volumes in the ‘radio setup’ menu to as loud as it will go without distorting (voice is controlled by ‘wav volume’).
Then if you use a custom function to assign volume to one of the knobs, it will control volume within that limited range.

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