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The famous white Apple earbuds are great, but anyone who has had any pair of headphones and heavily used them for a long time knows they can damage over time, and sometimes you’ll wind up with a set that no longer plays sound out of both ear pieces. Siri is much more useful than many realize, and one of the best ways to use Siri while on the go is through your earbuds or earpods, the classic white headphones that come with all iOS devices.
Did you know those white Apple earphones that come bundled with an iPhone can double as a remote shutter button for the iPhone camera? February 13, 2015 by Andrew Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Pin this Story E-mail this StoryNothing says I take my sound seriously and I take drowning you out even more seriously than a great pair of ear buds.
The average music consumer prefers in-ear headphones as opposed to the supra-aural designs most recently made popular by Dr.
Our top 5 choices (in no particular order) for the best ear buds of 2015 still slant toward the simple but largely give off the same, slick “I am man. If ladies have the LBD then men should have the LBB (little black buds) and these $100 NHT SuperBuds should fill such a role.

Supposedly the best ear bud on the market this simple yet highly functioning set of buds highlight authentic sound over artificially enhanced bass lines and treble patterns. With the additional length of the earbud cable, you can end up taking better group pictures, and even better low-light photos because it can dramatically reduce camera shake. Hear me roar!” vibe as the insistence that Bitches Brew is, in fact, your favorite album. With 2-way coaxial drivers housed in aluminum enclosures with a braided cord for anti-coil, these buds are solid and comfortable. At just a dollar or two over a Benjamin the buds feature Bose StayHear tips which conform naturally to the shape of your ears.
As an added value they feature smartphone support with a streamlined, in-line mic for call and music control. In fact they purportedly offer the highest noise isolation (documented) of any earphones on the market today.

They fit easily into your ear canal, they are sleek in design, they are understated and they are downright sexy.
The coloring is a bit more edgy with the buds being offered in Indigo and Ice Blue so you can show a little style when out and about or on the train. Furthermore the Freestyles offer iPhone call support so they work seamlessly on calls to control volume and speech. While not the best sounding on the market they are good for the price with a flavor all their own.

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