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Do you hear more and more often about your friends, maybe people that you know or family members complaining about allergies, unexplained flu like symptoms or being ill and even dying of cancers, heart attacks and other so called modern world diseases? Artificial sweeteners, food preservatives, fillers, food colours and flavour enhancers, many of them are dangerous chemicals linked to cancer, asthma, poisoning and other medical conditions. We’re repeatedly told about benefits of eating fish, its great source of protein, vitamins, minerals and how good it is for our cholesterol.
Even low doses of mercury may delay walking, talking and cause learning disabilities in children.
The meat industry is not very keen on publicizing its use of antibiotics, so accurate information on that subject is very hard to come by. Treatment-resistant bacterial infections in humans, allergic reactions, immune suppression, destruction of the beneficial bowel flora, chronic fatigue syndrome and cancers. Nearly all beef cattle entering feedlots in the USA are approved to be injected with hormone implants to promote faster growth. Obesity, high cholesterol, early sexual development of young girls, gynecomastia (enlarged male breasts), cancers, infertility, auto-immune problems, kidney and liver failure. The other reasons are numerous research that prove something totally opposite to what supporters of GMO food say. Leave a Reply or Comment using Facebook Cancel replyYou must be logged in to post a comment.
Hey, enter your email address to subscribe to this cool blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. The vestibulocochlear nerve is the eighth nerve of the twelve cranial nerves, which are all located in the brain's cranium.
Starches are a complex carbohydrate that has no taste or odor, which are granular or powdery in physical form.
The definition of acute otitis media requires three equally important components, which must all be present. There is considerable overlap between presenting signs and symptoms of upper respiratory illnesses and acute otitis media, especially in the preverbal child.
Environmental insults, such as tobacco smoke, lack of breastfeeding, and exposure to children in day care who frequently receive antibiotics, may lead to episodes that would not otherwise occur. Prevention of the disease burden is possible through the use of newer vaccines such as the contemporary pneumococcal vaccine that includes protection from seven serotypes of Streptococcus pneumoniae. Bacteria from the nasopharynx are the most common cause of acute otitis media and can be isolated from middle ear fluid in a majority of cases. These data were obtained in the postpneumococcal vaccine era and represent a change from before this vaccination program was initiated. OME usually follows an episode of acute otitis media, and both are processes of the same disease continuum. Close to 90% of episodes of OME  resolve spontaneously after an acute otitis media episode is diagnosed. Guidelines recommend watchful waiting without immediate use of antibiotics for children with uncomplicated otitis media with effusion. Children with permanent hearing loss, craniofacial anomalies, or underlying speech delays may receive immediate antibiotics or have close outpatient follow-up by the primary care clinician. Consensus guidelines strongly recommend the treatment of pain associated with acute otitis media. Prescribing only an antibiotic for the treatment of acute otitis media is inappropriate care, as antibiotics are not analgesic medications. The primary systemic analgesics and antipyretics used to treat acute otitis media are ibuprofen and paracetamol.
Opioid medications may be used at night during the sleeping hours, although no studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of this medication class for the treatment of acute otitis media.

The higher dose achieves concentrations in the middle ear that exceed the minimum inhibitory concentration for highly resistant forms of S.
IM ceftriaxone for three daily doses may be considered if children cannot tolerate oral medications. A 10-day course of antimicrobials has been recommended for decades without any evidence to support an exact duration of therapy.
Although a majority of patients receiving placebo also recovered spontaneously (53% in Hoberman et al, 55% in Tahtinen et al), a physician cannot predict at the onset of illness which patients will improve without antibiotics.
Even in patients with non-severe illness, antibiotics were associated with a decrease rate of treatment failure. As in the photo below, there can still be a perforation that does not heal with in a few weeks. In some circles, healthy life style is simply an obsession with good looks and new diets, both being new fashion statements. I do, and It really happens more and more often, and it is not just about being more aware of those things when you grow up, statistics clearly show a marked increase in cancer, infertility, coronary problems and other modern civilisation health conditions. I admit I started with a little bit of pessimism, but this pessimism can also open some peoples eyes and make them realise that healthy food we eat everyday, is not really that healthy. Some of these chemicals are banned in some countries and some are not, despite the fact that they are known to be extremely harmful to human health. But also, we can not ignore the fact that a big number of rivers and sea waters are seriously contaminated and these contaminants are found in fish.
Antibiotics are used in animals for therapeutic reasons and for the same reasons not many people will question it. Anabolic steroids are usually used in combinations and can easily be found at slaughter in the muscles, liver, fat, kidneys and other organs. It also makes it possible to  transfer it to animals, crop plants or virtually any organism.
Food allergies, infertility, increased toxicity, decreased nutritional value, antibiotic resistance. Travel, Fun, Fitness, Training Tips and even more cool and interesting content is coming soon. Its singular function is to transmit information from the cochlea and semi-circular canals to the brain for interpretation.
Of importance is a major change in the increased prevalence of ?-lactamase organisms such as M. In one randomised trial comparing ibuprofen, acetaminophen, and placebo, only ibuprofen was found to be superior to placebo. Children with a known allergy to the penicillin class may consider the use of a macrolide agent, such as azithromycin. Shortened treatment regimens (5 to 7 days) may reduce resistance to antibiotics and reduce side effects by decreasing total drug exposure. If symptoms persist 72 hours after antibiotic therapy has been initiated, reevaluation is needed. But sooner or later you will have to realize that a healthy diet is not as simple as just keeping an eye on your bad eating habits, food plays a major role not only in longevity and good looks, but also in a genetic carry-over, which will mark the life of our off-springs.
Some of them linked to weight gain, several types of deadly cancer and other medical conditions. Found in-soft drinks, cakes, cheese, candy, medicines and many more products. I am sure you can still find clear waters with healthy fish on our planet, but unfortunately this is not where majority of supermarkets obtain it from.
In adults, poisoning adversely can affect your fertility, blood pressure, memory, vision and can cause tremors and numbness of the fingers and toes. But antibiotics are not only used to kill bacteria or prevent disease, they also promote growth, yes $, it is very common practice to add it to cattle, swine and poultry feed to increase their size. Many times these are the same muscle-building androgens that are used by athletes who are looking for the edge in their sports.

These powerful agents can also get into other animals and human bodies through animal feces that end up in the environment, from where it can contaminate our food and drinking water. DNA changes are supposed to improve resistance to pests, make the food grow faster and bigger than in traditional manner. Frequent reports of fatigue, short term memory loss, mental confusion, joint pain, and changes in vision. Habits, cravings, big markets forced smaller, more honest business to close down, a would be organic food is sometimes twice as expensive.
If we have the results within an hour we will be able to start the appropriate course of treatment right away.'Between 2008 and 2009 in England and Wales there were just over 1,100 cases of bacterial meningitis. Most effusions of the middle ear in this age are sterile and develop in the in utero environment. Being aware is not a bad thing, and yes you can change it, at least for yourself, changing your diet and its sources can definitely improve your well being and lengthen your life. Mercury, PCBs and dioxins can cause neurological problems and may increase the risk of cancer. As normal crops usually grow only in the season and climatic conditions that are favourable for it, the GMO food can be cultivated in unfriendly climatic conditions.
Many respected studies proved a huge increase in cancer occurrence in rats fed with genetically modified food.
Manufacturing companies are subjects to annual audits to assure that quality and the production processes and materials conform to NSF standards. Although occasional ingestion of small amounts of mercury in human body are not a big concern, even the smallest amounts can be extremely harmful to developing foetus and young children. Increasing amount of evidence clearly shows that the sub-therapeutic use of antibiotics poses a health risk to humans.
The reason for using them is mainly growth (they grow quicker and bigger), increased milk production, and they are also used to speed up the process of fowl or calf birth in animals. One study was conducted on fibre samples taken from Morgellons patient in which it was discovered after extraction of Fibre’s DNA, that It belonged to a unknown fungus and was a by-product of a biological organism.
I am also being a little bit sceptical about organics because I remember home grown food from the childhood, and organic food from supermarkets barely tastes like it, to say nothing of number of scandals relating to some of the organic food manufacturers. But the same NSF standards, for a long time, did not see anything wrong with using Bromine in our soft drinks (chemical used to stop carpets from catching on fire).
That’s why pregnant women or ones who could become pregnant are advised to avoid eating high-mercury fish such as tuna steaks, marlin, orange roughy, king mackerel, shark, swordfish or tilefish.
Even when an animal is taken off the antibiotics the antibiotic residue can be detected in the blood, muscle and body fluids, including milk. It is also supposed to taste better, have more nutrients, vitamins, minerals and eliminate allergies in humans by having its DNA modified. But we can not give up, there’s still a healthy food out there, it just takes some effort to find it, and you are the one that must make this effort. The list of harmful food production practices is long and unfortunately many of these practices will never be revealed, to say nothing that many of them are legally practised even though they are harmful to your health. Is there anyone out there we can trust with our bodies? Americans have been fighting for a long time with little to no effect to label food that is genetically modified.
Try to avoid big supermarkets and if you can not, be very diligent about the products you buy, check the labels and always be aware where your food comes from.
We do something that god, nature did not intended for us, we change the nature, and for moral reasons some people will fear to accept this.

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