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If you wake up every morning with a headache, the last thing you would probably blame it on a bad pillow, too much wine last night, or stressful day ahead.
A teeth grinding bruxism treatment is a safe and simple solution to a common problem that causes excessively wide, masculine looking jaw muscles and irreversible wear on teeth. Teeth grinding jaw reduction treatment is available in the UK from botonics at our prestigious Harley Street clinic, in the heart of London’s private medical district. A masseter reduction Botox* treatment is an advanced treatment, and needs to be done by an experienced specialist to reduce the risk of chewing weakness and maximise the results.
Jaw reduction treatment with Botox* takes several treatments in order atrophy the masseter muscle. Wide jaw: The excessive grinding over-develops the masseter (jaw) muscle, resulting in a square, wide jaw. At your free consultation, the specialist will review your detailed medical history and advise whether a masseter jaw reduction treatment is appropriate for you.
The treatment works by relaxing some of the masseter muscles, which causes them to atrophy (shrink) with time. It takes several months before the masseter muscles will get visibly smaller, and treatment will need to be maintained over time (although treatment frequency tends reduce with time as the muscles continue to atrophy). We use only brand-name, gold standard Botox* as manufactured and approved for use in the UK.
Our treatments are administered by qualified medical specialists who are experienced in Cosmetic Dermatology treatments and legally authorised to prescribe medications to you. Our price for Jaw Reduction treatments start from just ?600 for a course of 2 treatments, and you can spread the cost of any treatment over ?500 interest free for up to three months.
Free consultationArrange a free, no obligation consultation with the specialist that will treat you.
Request call backA knowledgeable coordinator will ring you back at a time of your convenience for a discrete, no obligation discussion. Remote asessmentSend us your photographs for a specialist to review and provide a preliminary opinion.
Clients from outside the UKConveniently organise your consultation and procedure to take place during your visit.
Ask an expertAsk us about any of our treatments and their relevance to your particular needs. Ever notice that familiar scene at the movies when the camera goes in for a close-up on the gangster’s face during a tense moment in the film and you can see him clenching and his jaw muscles throbbing? This entry was posted in commonly asked questions, dental care tips and tagged Bruxism, Dentist in Kitsilano, Grinding Teeth, Kid-Friendly Dentist, Kids Dentist Kitsilano. Teeth-clenching or grinding is known as bruxism and can be done whether you’re asleep or awake.

Identify Your TriggerI never used to clench my teeth until my anxiety got really bad and my stress reached an all-time high. Photo Source: ShutterstockMake A Conscious Effort Not To Do It During The DayIt's difficult not to clench your teeth when you're sleeping because you don't really know what you're doing when you're asleep. Photo Source: ShutterstockPut A Washcloth On Your FaceExperts recommend relaxing your jaw muscles before you go to sleep by holding a warm washcloth on your face.
My sister grinds her teeth in her sleep, so she has a mouth guard, but she had to get a new one because she actually grinded right through it! Give us your juiciest, wildest, weirdest and embarrassingest (it’s a word) hook up stories! In between where these two bones meet is a cartilage disc, which helps the jaw move smoothly. Prevalence of teeth grinding is very common, with many people doing it without knowing during sleep. At botonics, we have developed techniques that produce a reliable and attractive result with minimal discomfort and risks. Most people are keen to have their treatment as soon as possible but there is never any obligation proceed if you do not wish to. A course of treatment will take several visits spaced some weeks apart, depending on the severity of your bruxism and affected muscles.
If you want to know what you’ll need to do after your treatment, see our Aftercare Instructions. If you’re unhappy with worn teeth, headaches and a wide jaw, then our Jaw Reduction treatment could be your answer. Prices for Botox treatment are indicative and include both the issuing of a prescription and administration of the medicine. Well, in case you don’t, it stands for Temporomandibular Joint, the joint of your jaw that runs from your temple to your lower jaw. It could be stress about an upcoming test, your crush not texting you back or deciding where to go to college. This is not what you wanted to hear, but mouth guards are really helpful if you can't knock the habit on your own. Problems arise when this disc — which is the shape of a baseball cap and the size of a thumbnail — moves out of its usual position.
Excessive teeth grinding can cause over-development of the masseter (jaw) muscles, making your face appear unattractively wide and square.
It is also popular with our male-to-female transgender clients to help feminise the jawline.
A wide jaw could be a result of bruxism, and can be improved with a Botox* treatment to the masseter muscles.

We only use the gold-standard Botox* brand from Allergan to ensure the best possible results. Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMD) causes symptoms such as headaches, sore jaw, ear clicking, or facial pain. Clenching my teeth is making my teeth shift and is causing me to wake up with bad headaches and a sore jaw. A series of small injections will be made to the masseter muscle and the whole visit will take only 30 minutes. High amounts of caffeine can make you a little more anxious and stressed, which can make you clench your teeth. It can be difficult to treat an action that you're not aware of doing so treating the cause is your best bet.
Many people grind their teeth at night without being aware of it, until there are consequences. Besides worn out teeth and pain in the jaw joints, headache is one of the most common consequences of prolonged teeth grinding.The connection between bruxism and headacheProlonged teeth clenching and grinding, called bruxism, causes a constant contraction of the temporalis muscle. Do some meditation and deep breathing exercises before bed to calm yourself and see if that helps. But in around five per cent of people, the disc becomes badly displaced and cannot move back into position without surgery. The other is masseter, which controls the movement of lower jaw and opens and closes the mouth. When not busy chewing food, temporalis muscles should be relaxed and the teeth should not be in contact. Scientists believe that most people suffer from tension headache because they grind their teeth without being aware of it.What can you do about it?Tension headache is unpleasant, but not the worst consequence of prolonged and untreated bruxism. To prevent further damage to your teeth, you need a good mouth guard designed for dental use.
Teeth guard will not cure your bruxism, but will provide you with relief until the cause is found and eliminated. There is a range of commercially produced mouth guards available online and in your local drug stores. While dentists might charge you up to $1000 for a custom guard, you can get one from specialized labs, where your dentists makes it anyway, for much less.

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