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Dogs that have drop ears are more prone to ear infection since the ear flap keeps both warmth and moisture trapped in the ear canal. Have a look at the inside of each of your Maltipoo’s ears, each time that you bath your dog (just about every 3 weeks) First look at the color of skin that is inside the ear and on the flaps. Long hairs can quickly grow and this is why it is important to do this grooming on a routine basis. Treatment - Most infections will need to be treated with a combination of antibiotics and a professional cleaning.

This can develop when a dog with reoccurring infections is given many different types of antibiotics, and most of the bacteria are killed but not all.
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In this part are elements which allow the dog to have equilibrium (a sense of balance, no dizziness, etc) and for hearing. As long as a dog keeps getting hit by infections, scarring will increase and lead to even bigger health issues.

Long hairs hanging down can often make the ears appear a bit longer than they actually are. They should not ever be fully erect, however - if a Maltipoo has full, erect stand-up ears this points to poor breeding practices and the dog may not be a true Maltipoo.

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