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Turmeric reduces sinus inflammation, and it contains a substance called curcumin, which helps to heal the sinus cavity and clear airways. Add 1 tablespoon chopped garlic, A? tablespoon hot sauce, 1 tablespoon lemon juice, and a pinch of celery salt. It will go into your nasal cavity and run out the other nostril and down the back of your throat.
Note: Dona€™t do this before going to bed as sinus will drain immediately into your ear canals which may cause ear infection.
A hot compress placed over the sinuses will reduce facial pain, headaches, and nasal congestion.

With the pads of your fingers, gently apply pressure to both sides of your nose and between your eyebrows. Seek treatment at the first sign of a cold or allergies so they don’t lead to sinus infection.
Wash your hands often as bacterial and viral infections are most common causes of sinusitis.. Sinus infections occur when the tissues that line your sinuses become inflamed, usually due to a cold or allergies. ThisA  alleviates pain, reduces inflammation, and improves blood circulation to the membrane that lines your sinuses.

You’re about to discover 17 effective, affordable methods for treating and preventing sinusitis at home. This is what causes the facial pain and pressure and the thick, discolored mucus associated with sinus infections.

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